What feats made heroes of the Soviet Union in the Winter war

Heroes 24/03/20 What feats made heroes of the Soviet Union in the Winter war

For the Finnish campaign, which lasted less than four months, more than 400 red Army soldiers became heroes of the Soviet Union.
Military conflict that was between the USSR and Finland from November 1939 to 12 March next year cost the Soviet Union more than 126 thousand deadweight loss. The Finns, they were almost two times less.

a Quarter of the Heroes posthumously awarded the

Nearly one hundred Heroes of the Soviet Union, participated in the Russo-Finnish war, was awarded this title posthumously. It was the warriors who demonstrated their own heroism in battle. One of them – tanker Ivan Sivolap. The driver of the tank repeatedly demonstrated her exceptional professional skills in the winter of 1940. Sivolap tank was twice hit, and every time Ivan was able to continue the fight. In early April, Ivan Sivolap awarded the star of Hero. Less than a year later, the tanker was killed in one of the battles of the great Patriotic war.

Different people

Many heroes of the Soviet Union, received the title in the Finnish campaign, had a peculiar (even for the time) and sometimes tragic fate. Twice decorated before the start of the great Patriotic war in the Soviet-Finnish war was the Colonel of one of the armies of the air force Sergey Denisov. Before the Second world war in the USSR was only five Soviet citizens to be awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union twice. Share Sergei Prokofievich had the fate to complete the list.

the First Character Denisov received for fighting in Spain. In the Finnish campaign he was the commander of the air force. The star was awarded for operations of the Soviet air forces to break through the Mannerheim line. During the great Patriotic war Denisov anything heroic did not commit. He was appointed to different positions, but his military career Sergey Prokofievich and did a lot of drinking. He died mindEP 62 years after retirement.

commander of the air forces North-Western front E. S. Ptukhin in March 1940 received the highest military award for successful operations of the assigned aviamodelling. And in February, 1942, Eugene Savich shot for alleged long-standing anti-Soviet conspiracy.

One of the first Star Hero of the Soviet Union in the Soviet-Finnish campaign was given to a Tatar Gafiate Nigmatullina (date deed – January 1940). He, by the way, in this respect, was also a pioneer among the Tatars – first Character not received even a single representative of this nationality. About the heroism of Gafiate of Yarmuhametovich little is known: as of sampletree reconnaissance infantry units, he managed to lead his soldiers out of the encirclement, it is very chagrin enemy. A Hero, in any case, then the representatives of the “grassroots” level commanders just did not give. To Win gafiyat Nigmatullin took place just one day – died 8 may 1945 in Germany.

According to historians, the first official hero of the Soviet Union in the Soviet-Finnish campaign is a pilot Sergei Kosyakin, who commanded at that time a squadron of bombers. In late March of 1940, he distinguished himself in the bombardment of enemy positions on the Karelian isthmus, for which he was awarded the highest military rank. On the second day of the great Patriotic war the plane Sergei Ivanovich was shot down, and the hero-pilot was killed.


the Four Heroes of the Soviet-Finnish campaign was later deprived of these honours. One for “personal dirt”, another, captured, went into the service of the Vlasov (later issued by the allies of the USSR and executed).

In this regard, a unique story of a swindler, posing as a Hero of the Soviet Union, trying to get the award for the “winter” war. A recidivist thief fled the camp, with false documents got a job as a journalist in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, scored his fictional trips to the then hot spots and assigned some state awards. The conman managed SOBRAMB documents for filing for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. But eventually it all figured out and was also shot.

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