What happened to the wife of Lavrenty Beria

Biography 26/02/20 What happened to the wife of Lavrenty Beria

One name of Stalin’s security chief Lavrentiy Beria was a terror on ordinary citizens. But his wife considered him to be the Kremlin gorgeous. Nina Beria was a striking brunette with burning eyes, and sighed many men. But no novels, Nino didn’t make – all her life she remained loyal and faithful to her husband. Even when he was gone.

How did you meet Lawrence and Nino?

N. Zenkovich in his book “the Marshals and secretaries” gives the following version of meeting future spouses. They say 16-year-old Nino came from Mingrelian village, located near the village of Merheuli, where I came from was Beria himself to ask for the arrested brother. In Sukhumi at the railway station was a train on which Beria was going to go in Tbilisi. It was in the early 20-ies. The girl began to beg for his brother, and Lawrence invited her to my room. There he locked the door and raped Nino. After that, he kept her locked up in his coupe for a few days, and then offered to become his wife.

However, she Nina teymurazovna these details denied. She claimed that Beria just asked her to marry him after several months of Dating.

I. A. Mudrova in the book “Great love story. 100 stories about the great sense,” writes: “Beria was married to Nina Gegechkori Teymurazovna. She was the niece of a Bolshevik Sasha Gegechkori and great-niece of Mason and Menshevik Gegechkori, head of the in 1920, the government of Georgia, a niece of Noah Jordania, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Menshevik government of Georgia, who fled abroad after the Bolsheviks seized power”.

In the early 20-ies of the orphaned Nino lived in the family of his cousin Sasha Gegechkori. When he went to prison for the Bolshevik activities, she began to wear to him the transfer, and so met with his cellmate Laurelantiem Beria. When Georgia was established the Soviet power, Beria came from Baku to ask Gegechkori hand Nino. But he refused because she was a minor. Then Nino decided to marry Lawrence illegally. At least she outlined the events in an interview with the Tbilisi newspaper “7 DGE”, after the restructuring.

According to Nina, the Soviet government was going to send Lawrence to Belgium to investigate questions of oil refining. With one condition: he must be married. “I thought about it and agreed — than to live in a foreign family, it is better to create your own,” explains Nino.

the Kremlin’s wife

the Marriage of 22-year-old young man on 16-year-old girl at the time was the norm. Nina teymurazovna repeatedly assured the marriage she entered on their own. Here in Belgium to go never had. The family lived in Georgia, then moved to Moscow, where Nina teymurazovna worked as researcher at the Timiryazev Academy. Beria became Stalin’s inner circle, worked in the defence industry, including the development of nuclear weapons and missile technology.

unlike many other wives of executives – Molotov, Kalinin, Budyonny, Poskrebysheva – wife Beria never came under repression. It was the envy of others “the Kremlin wives” which she was reputed to be the most beautiful, wore elegant clothes, always looked perfect, was intelligent, elegant, with amazing taste and sense of style.

the Widow of Beriah

the Black strip has begun for their families after the death of Stalin. 26 Jun 1953 N.With. Khrushchev convened a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and put the issue of under Beria’s office. The result of Lavrenty Pavlovich withdrew from all posts and arrested on charges of espionage and conspiracy to seize power. In addition, he was charged and charged with sexual misconduct, that he had many mistresses, and not all were involved in a relationship with him voluntarily.

Nina teymurazovna BErie and interrogations, and later in the interview this information was denied. She claimed that all the women with whom her husband allegedly came into contact, really was… agents of the KGB. According to her, Beria spent the whole days at work and he simply didn’t have time to have Affairs.

After the arrest of Beria Nina Teymurazovna and son, Sergo first kept under house arrest at one of the suburban dachas, then sent to prison. Until the end of 1954 they were held in solitary confinement: she was at the Lubyanka, he was in Lefortovo prison. To work on Nina, before it even faked the shooting of a son.

When Beria was executed, the family was sent to Sverdlovsk. There Sergo got a job as a senior engineer, but he and his mother were under constant surveillance. At the end of the term of exile they returned to Georgia, where they were forcibly taken back to Russia. Subsequently, at the request of a group of eminent scientists and in connection with the illness of Nina Teymurazovna the family was allowed to move to Kiev. Nina Beria died in Kiev in the mid-90s, Sergo Beria, in the year 2000.

Shortly before his death, Nina teymurazovna gave an interview in which fully justified her husband. She claimed that Lavrentiy was not involved in the massive repression, as in Moscow, the family of Beria moved only in 1938, and the principal amount of repression had on the 37th. In our days it became known that Beria, by contrast, was released from prison, many arrested under his predecessors.

According to the widow, in everyday life, Beria was quiet, calm, reserved, never raised her voice in the household, loved his wife, son and grandchildren, and tried every free moment to spend with loved ones. She believed that her husband was killed “without trial” and that in fact, Beria and other supporters of Stalin were “lofty goals” and was loyal to his country and his people.

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