What is the quarantine in Sweden differs from Russian: people walk

if the authorities Introduced some restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus?

Yes, it is assumed that everyone who can should work from home. While all students beginning with 10th grade and older, including University students learning online. Also not allowed gatherings of more than 50 people (this applies to supermarkets) is introduced from Saturday, so the results were not yet visible.

is This necessary? Or only recommendations?

– This is mandatory. There are recommendations not to travel – either abroad or in Sweden — unless absolutely necessary. The Prime Minister in a televised address on Friday, said that everyone should be reasonable and responsible. Yes, all elderly people, 70 years and older, must comply with self-isolation. All treatment and rehabilitation centers for older persons prohibited from receiving visitors.

– How are the Swedes such restrictions?

– Well, some people think that we should take more stringent measures, however, the Swedes and prior to that was quite distanced in the social sense, which helps in the current situation.

– How things have changed in the last days the daily life of the Swedes?

– Most people stay home. The restaurants are open, some younger people go there, but only to sit, to eat, to drink, with no service in the bars (the new rule). Most people do reasonable and responsible.

– i.e. no panic?

No. It all very calmly. People walking the streets, the weather is beautiful. Everyone is trying to keep his distance.

how Many people on the streets wearing a mask?

No. They say that the masks needed by the people working in hospitals. So it is better to give them a mask if you have a lot of them.

– whether There is excitement in the stores? Do not buy cereal, pasta, etc.?

– there were some purchases of reserves – bought toilet paper (like everywhere) and maybe pasta. But now received a new delivery, so I guess people have calmed down.

My husband just returned from our local grocery store says that there is no significant deficiency was not observed.

– whether there was less traffic on the streets?

– Perhaps, the streets became even more cars – I think that people try to avoid travelling in buses and the metro, if possible. It is also noticeable that while people sit at home, cars parked everywhere, because their owners can’t get away for the weekend or to work. There are major disputes about skiing (just now their season), which are not prohibited, but not recommended.

You said there are restrictions for the elderly. If among them there are irresponsible people and go out on the street, what they might be?

– there is no threat, but many complain that their parents do not realize that they have to follow the rules, some don’t want to think of themselves as old and vulnerable people.

– whether to Continue to operate the stores, fitness clubs, hairdresser’s?

Grocery stores are operating normally, but the gyms and hairdressers not that I can tell. On Friday I went to our local shopping centre for banking, there are a lot of people – but they also respect the distance.

– is it Easy to get a test for coronavirus?

– This is recommended only in case, if you feel so sick that they need hospital care. I think these tests are standardized. In addition, if you are sick, you certainly must go into quarantine – as long as we are healthy. I have allergies and those who suffer from allergies are advised to use caution, because early symptoms of coronavirus can be similar to allergic reactions.

I work from home, we hold meetings via the Internet etc D. to Visit the office is not prohibited, if you need something to do there. We have forty people 3-4 are in the office. But if you get sick, you certainly can’t go in there.

in General, Stockholm is a city of offices. And office workers in most cases easier to work from home. Everyone says this is the new normal with remote meetings will become a good example.

– due to restrictions, many people lose their money or does work. What is being done to them?

– we Have in Sweden a good system of labor protection. But vulnerable is, of course, young people occupied in sphere of services (for example, working in restaurants). A large program of assistance to business and banks, adopted by the government and Parliament to provide the opportunity for people to get paid. Banks asked to wait 6 months mortgage payments.

– what is the situation with cinemas and theatres?

movie Theaters (some of them) are still open for small groups of spectators who are sitting away from each other. But I think they will suffer greatly, as instead of the hundreds of visitors they can come, say, five people. Theaters are closed, as far as I know. In General, people employed in the creative sector, as scared as I think many freelancers work and will not work.

coming Back to the masks – are they easy to buy? Or disinfectant gels? How are things with medications?

– what About the masks – I have not seen anyone who would wear them, except for one girl, working in a pharmacy. I think they are not selling because they are needed in hospitals. Sanitizer was a week ago in the deficit, but people realized that soap works even better. There are rationing sales of paracetamol in the pharmacy I saw that you can buy at one time no more than three packages. But the problem buy medicine no.

in everyday life, the Swedes are trying – in addition to compliance with distance (by the way, what is the distance recommended?) – to avoid infection?

– Frequent hand washing, the use of sanitizers in cars, etc. and distance must be half a meter. As the girl says my son, “the length of the horse”.

Also if someone feels ill, then he goes to sleep in a separate room.

– what do they say about hospitals? If there’s enough places, drugs, medical ventilators?

– this gets worse. This is especially true of masks and equipment for medical personnel.

we Have a rather slow progression of the disease, but as they say, while those who became infected abroad. This week in hospitals will begin to appear on people infected in Sweden. Several doctors and nurses are already very sick, a doctor is on a ventilator. Getting ready to open a large intensive care unit in the premises of the Stockholm Expo, designed for 600 patients.

on Saturday declared that the situation in Stockholm until it’s manageable.

– And if a person is feeling unwell and suspects he Covid-19 what to do? Can he call an ambulance or a doctor? Or have to go to the hospital myself? Are there mobile units for testing purposes?

– we Have a telephone advice service, where we usually have to call ahead first just before calling the ambulance. We suggest you to contact with them. As far as I know, if you don’t have breathing problems, it is best to stay at home and engage in self-help. I have a few friends that had done so. For example, two colleagues. Saying it’s as severe “flu” for recovery takes at least 2 weeks. Even in the easy version.

Mobile testing no testing mainly in hospitals have sick people. But there are suggestions that we should carry out the test more broadly, I think the problem is the lack of tests they are forced to ration.

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