What Peter the great executed his mistress Mary Hamilton

History 09/03/20 that Peter the great executed his mistress Mary Hamilton

we in Russia also had their own lady Hamilton. And the renowned Emma Hamilton, mistress of Admiral Nelson, she was a rare beauty, she also was surrounded by men who can safely be called history, and finally, the Russian lady Hamilton as the English is not very lucky in life. But the similarities end there.

the maid of Honor of her Majesty

Mary Hamilton lived a century before its English odnofamilitsa. She came from a Scottish Russified kind of, settled in Russia in the times of Ivan the terrible. Her father was Willem Hamilton, related to the Artamon Matveev-the tutor Natalia Naryshkina, mother of Peter the Great. However, officials of the Scottish surname “Hamilton” wrote in Russian style “Gamont”, “Gamenow”. So our heroine according to documents passes as Maria Danilovna Hamintov.

From a good family, a close relative of the mother of the Emperor, and even a rare beauty, no wonder that at the age of 15 or 16 years Mary was at court as a lady-in-waiting “her Imperial Majesty Catherine,”.

And it is not surprising that beautiful, clever, cheerful Maria soon found himself the autocrat.

The “bed registry” Emperor

Peter was a great lover of female. On the evidence of his contemporaries, he led even a “bed registry”, which included their ‘official’ metrics. His wife Ekaterina Alekseevna was looking at pranks wife through his fingers. She knew that her position as Empress is quite shaky. The Livonian peasant, “portova”, so that there is denoted a wench, soaring to the pinnacle of power in the Russian Empire at the whim of his wife crowned on the same whim could at any moment be there where you came from. And so she was not satisfied with the spouse of a scene and “mesok” even full tilt, giving them gifts and court positions. So Mary Hamilton was the first chamber-maid of honor.

the Tsarist Batman

However, the interests of the Emperor did not last long. After all his amorous adventures he has always returned to the “dear friend Katya”. So it was with Mary. However, she did not stay long, and soon tied a whirlwind romance with the king’s servant Ivan Orlov.

the Imperial couple in 1716, the year he went abroad, Mary Hamilton and Ivan Orlov was among the retinue. As they say, during this journey, the eagles lost interest in Mary. To return to the feelings of the beloved, Mary was… to steal his money and valuables of the Empress. But it did not help: the lovers often quarrel, even the eagles fought Mary.

But stealing from the king’s chambers were not the most terrible crime of Mary. She became pregnant three times and three times got rid of the children. Twice she etched the fruit of some potion, and gave birth to a third child and personally strangled. However, all of this from time to time managed to keep secret.

the King of old memory, as they say in the yard, sometimes walked to his “matreshka” of Scottish descent, but Mary is unlikely to be very happy. Subsequent events show that his Ivan she really loved in earnest.


it All came out, as it happens, quite by accident. Peter lost a document, in anger, summoned the Batman. He does not understand, in what business, flopped on his knees, and laid out all he knows about the tricks of his mistress.

Mary immediately transmitted under arrest, and began a search, that is, in modern parlance “the investigative actions”.

Wanted in those days no torture was never carried out. Even if a person voluntarily confessed everything, he still tortured because it was believed that without the buck and the stick of truth is not achieved. Tortured and Mary. She confessed in theft, and infanticide, but stood firm on what the eagles do with it, stole from the Queen and get rid children it without his knowledge.


the Emperor said, “Marya, the girl Gamintoju” execution by beheading. She asked for both Queen and wife of the Emperor, and the Dowager Queen Praskovya (wife of Ivan V, brother and co-ruler of Peter I), but Peter was adamant. Historians believe the reason for this severity the fact that shortly before the Emperor issued a decree, according to which “wrong children” (i.e. born out of wedlock) do not infringe the rights, as they had always done until now. On the contrary, was organized by the hospitals where the unlucky girls could give birth in secret under the supervision of experienced midwives and to leave the child in orphanage. Thus, Peter cared about new recruits, new employees, today said that the demographic situation. But there is another version: one of the destroyed Maria children could be from Peter himself.

whatever it was, but on March 14, 1719, Mary was beheaded at Trinity square in Moscow.

She appeared in a white dress decorated with black ribbons, and was so graceful and touching, as Peter came forward, gave her hand and helped to ascend the scaffold. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, a crowd waited in the hope of the Royal mercy. Peter something softly said to Mary, even, as they say, hugged her, and then… pushed to the executioner.

When the execution was accomplished, Peter took the head of Mary, kissed her on the lips, and then began to tell nearby people about the anatomical composition of the human neck, showing the artery and the vertebrae of the unfortunate Hamilton. After completing his creepy lecture, Peter again kissed the dead lips, threw his head to the ground and left.

it is said that the head of Mary Hamilton was preserved in alcohol and has long been kept in the Kunstkamera. But this seems no more than a legend.

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