History 13/03/20 Any “protest action” staged by the Soviet women prisoners in German concentration camps

In German captivity were women who were soldiers of the red Army. During the inspection of women prisoners by German doctors did not hide their astonishment.


Women fighters were necessarily examined by the gynecologist. It turned out that 90% of women under the age of 21 years were virgins. There is a version that the assistant handed Hitler a note on the number of prisoners virgins. In Europe in the 1940s, women had sexual intercourse before the marriage.

Many historians write that the Nazis raped women. The shot of the Soviet military telecommunications workers, nurses, sifrovani.

In his book “the war’s unwomanly face” by Svetlana Aleksievich describes a terrible event: after numerous humiliations the Germans impaled 19-year-old nurse. Before that, the girl was brutally tortured. Remembering this case, women in the red army always left spare.

In 1944, nurses and telecommunications workers were sent to concentration camps, but even in these places the women were surprised at all the resistance. Prisoner survived in poor sanitary conditions, therefore, women have broken a monthly cycle. Prisoners of war worked on the machines until, while standing on his feet.

In a large concentration camp for women prisoners the number of women reached 15%. Prisoner behaved defiantly. Women do not want to sew clothes triangle with the letter R, especially for their designation of SU (USSR). Yesterday’s soldiers often staged a hunger strike.

One day Russian women appointed unusual punishment. 500 prisoners had to March on Lagerstrasse. The girls decided to disrupt the March and to turn humiliation into triumph. Prisoners of war the choir began to sing the song “Holy war”, from the singing was in shock guards and other prisoners.

Soviet troops approached the camp of ravensbrück, and the guards brought the prisoners of war women on a death March. Soviet women were placed at the end of the column. In may 1945, the prisoners of Ravensbrück saw freedom, they were liberated by soldiers of the red Army.

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