What really is the meaning of the colors of the Ukrainian flag

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“Shinyo-yellow color” became the official flag of the Ukraine in the winter of 1992. What does the blue and yellow colour combination, and it did not hit China?

Why is it “blue-yellow”?

the First time the blue-yellow flag caused some discomfort among Ukrainians: this was especially true of sports fans. It turned out that the national colors of independent Ukraine began to match with the colors of Sweden. So, watching the competition on some biathlon Ukrainian fans had difficulty in differentiating athletes from the Swedish athletes. And here, after another dose of support was accidentally given to the Northern stranger, born emotional question: “Why do we like the Swedes?”.

Evil tongues say that the causal relationship here video. They say, “shinyo-yellow color” was given to the Swedish king Karl XII Hetman Mazepa for the fact that he moved to the Swedish side. But we are not willing to share the version that the Ukrainian flag is a clone of Swedish.

Why is it “yellow-Blakytny”? The answer was given back in 1848, the Ukrainian poet, writer and ethnographer Yakov Golovatsky: “Blue as the sky of South Russia. Gold color, like those stars in the clear sky, portrayed a clear light.” And later Pavlo Tychina displayed this more poetically: “Pid prepare, pyd sun shte th Sina”.

However, in 1918, only turned on its head.

Why yellow at the bottom?

Every citizen of Ukraine at least once in your life wondered “Why the blue color put it on top? It is so uncomfortable”. The current king of arms of Ukraine wisely explain that blue is the sky and yellow wheat field. This formula was first discovered and reported in 1918, Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky. However, in the beginning everything was different.

In January 1918 on the ruins of the Russian Empire there is a new public education Ukrainian national Republic. A month later, the Central Rada, the Parliament of the new country, says flag – “yellow-Blakytny”. In this order – yellow top, blue bottom. However, in the spring the government in Ukraine is changing – the white light appears a new state with the name of the Ukrainian state and the head of the Hetman Skoropadsky. And the first thing Hetman is changing the flag, just turning it. So “yellow-Blakytny” becomes “shinyo-yellow”. Without excess, so to speak explanation and comments.

What’s with the Stadium?

This question can ask the more subtle connoisseurs of Ukrainian symbolism. And we are ready to accept the challenge and to answer it.

When the Western Ukraine was part of the Austrian Empire and was called Galicia. Now, the Governor of this land in the years 1846-1848 was a certain Franz Stadion von Warthausen. The stadium has done many good things for the Ruthenians (in Austria the so-called all Slavic inhabitants of Western Ukraine): for example, he abolished in Galicia serfdom. However, the count was very sad about the fact that the Rusyns see themselves as a part of the Russian cultural tradition. Stadium decided to take on the mission of “civilizing” and in 1848 initiated the creation of a national government body Rusyns – the Head of the Russian Parliament. Parliament was in need of branding, and then it was decided to consider “the banner of the Russian land – a lion, and colors – yellow and blue.” Say the hand to put specially engaged by the Earl of the historians that somewhere in the annals found that in the famous battle of Grunwald in 1410 against the Teutonic shoulder to shoulder with the Lithuanians and poles fought the knights, representing the Lviv land. And fought with the “lion” banners yellow and blue colors.

by the Way, there is a legend that the first flag “of the Russian land” at the personal request of the Stadium embroidered mother of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.

What’s up with silver?

In the roots of a combination of yellow and blue tinctures are in knightly heraldry, where they represent gold and silver. In medieval times a combination of these “metallic” colors were present everywhere – in particular at the knight’s battle standard. Met version, where the yellow color at the top and where he is at the bottom. On one of versions, the standard with a gold top was worn by older brothers, the heirs to the kind, and the silver, respectively the youngest. Fans of Freud probably would have seen a sign in the mess with the “top” of the banner from the Ukrainians in 1918. But sometimes “a cigar is just a cigar”.

Why the Ukrainian flag afraid of the Chinese?

It turned out quite unexpectedly. In 1992, Ukraine was visiting Chinese artist Mao Mao, who saw the Ukrainian flag, begged President Kravchuk to swap colors. It turned out that the combination in which blue dominates yellow denotes in the Chinese system of “I Ching” hexagram “PI”, symbolizing the progressive degradation. Domination blue (symbolizes the will) over yellow (wisdom) expresses the Chinese “Law of decay”. However, the Ukrainian President was not as superstitious as the Chinese, and kept fellow former combination.

it is Curious that the hexagram PI is very much like the current logo of the city of Perm, created by designer Artemy Lebedev.

there Lusero?

the Followers of the famous psychologist and theorist of color max Luscher sure if the person on tests selects a combination in which blue top and yellow below, he subconsciously admits that much depends on the environment and the people around them. If he chooses the opposite combination, it speaks to his ambition to become self-sufficient, independent.

What were the options?

Options in the selection state flag Ukrainian politicians was not enough: red-black banner of OUN to a very strange combination of blue, yellow and lilac, reminiscent of the current version of the standard gay activists. But the most interesting, in our opinion, was the project “shinyo-of zhovto ensign” with the hammer and sickle, which as a project the national flag was seen in 1991. It seems that the current flag of Ukraine is not the last option. At least sometime in the “shinyo-the yellow” can occur “polarity reversal”.

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