Why the West does not like Russian

Another 13/03/20/f Why the West does not like Russian

There is a perception that some Russian tourists behave in the resorts too loud, cheeky and uncivilized, than cause a rejection of not only local residents, but also other Russian tourists who want to relax in places where little Russian. However, it is unclear who then fills all of these hotels and why Turkey, Egypt, and now Georgia, so grustnaya when the flow of Russian tourists to them dried up.

Oblico morale

However, as practice shows, the Western tourists do not behave less vociferously, German for example. Not to mention the Arabs and the Chinese. However, according to the website Quora employee of the Turkish hotel, it is believed that the Russian polls bring problems due to excessive use of alcohol and violations of public morality. The Turk did not agree with this stereotype, arguing that the issue in individual level of education and not on the individual but to judge a whole nation.

However, not only gets tourists from all-inclusive. A few years ago, French police arrested Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov and charged with pimping during his stay in the resort town of Courchevel. Later, however, Prokhorov was not only released, but after some time, presented the Legion of honor, as a kind of apology. Now, wealthy Russians have made of dull mountain town fashion destination, where only the reservation of table in a restaurant can cost up to 20 thousand euros.

Britons are unhappy that about 70% of property in London belong to Russian and prepare to check the legal origin of funds and, if necessary, to deprive the Russian of British ownership. The British press and Comedy shows created the image of a loud, ignorant, but rich Russians who behave provocatively.

Claims moreare even to the design of passports and other official Russian documents and web sites. As I wrote on the forum one of the American designers: “How a country with such disgusting web sites, passports and logos can claim influence on international politics, I don’t understand.”

Scientists and representatives of the Russian intelligentsia believe that the fact that foreigners just don’t understand the Russian mentality and behavior. Supposedly the problem is that Russians are white and look like Europeans, but behave outside of accepted behavior patterns. For example, the Deputy of the State Duma Vyacheslav Nikonov was once on Russian TV claimed, citing unnamed former employee of the canadian Embassy in Moscow. Director Andrey Konchalovsky in an interview attributed this opinion to a certain English journalist. At the same time, “the Russians don’t think in terms of Asians or Europeans. They are big enough to use your own name and call themselves Russian, in addition, they can call the name of the region or city. Some Russian from Siberia call themselves Siberians, but it is the same as if someone lived in California and would call myself a Californian,” wrote a user of the website Quora.

Deliberate propaganda

However, Andrey Tsygankov, Professor of international relations and political science of the University of California at San Francisco, the expert club “Valdai” I am sure that it is not in a domestic misunderstanding, and targeted regular propaganda portraying Russia as a dangerous, criminal place, and the Russians themselves in an unfriendly, aggressive people, who dreams to conquer the world. Moreover, approximately 2012, the rhetoric about the threat of Russia as neo-Soviet autocracy was picked up by the state and covered by elites. The formation of a negative image of Russia contribute to the reports of expert groups and government agencies. For example, in 2005 Freedom House, a global ratings of democracy, brought Russia into the camp of the dictatorial countries. In early 2006, the Council on foreign relations issued a report criticizing the motion vector of Russia (Russia’s Wrong Direction). And these are just two examples of a dozen similar.

a Big role in antirossiysky propaganda plays movies, TV shows and TV shows. And if in the 60-80-ies of the poor were Russian regulars are second-rate and third-rate fighters, but now they appear to be products of world level. For example, in the movie “Jack Reacher” (2012) Tom cruise playing the main character, is opposed infernal Russian, not having even a name, on whose account many deaths. It is played by Werner Herzog. The movie “Red Sparrow”, released in 2018, has gathered a fine ensemble cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Charlotte Rampling, Jeremy irons. And even that’s not that FSB acceptable in the West, a different sort of diversion, plays well-known Belgian actor Matthias Conerts, very similar to Putin in his youth. The whole film paints of Russia and Russians as something terrible, prone to psychological and physical violence and are completely immoral.

On the Finnish television, there is the character habalki Russian, symbolizing not only Russians living in Finland, but in General all Russian.

the Federation of wrestling of WWE is the wrestler Rusev, he seems to be Bulgarian, but waving the Russian flag, his assistant is named “Mother Russia”, the video accompanying the ring, constantly flashing recognizable types of Russia. Needless to say, Rusev plays the “bad guy” (puny, in terms of wrestling), behaves cowardly and he hates most of the audience. Given that the matches WWE show on TV, millions of people around the world. Pepper adds that the “allies” Ruseva — the messenger of Hell and some sects professing fanatical cult.

Perhaps, almost the only TV show where Russian and Russia show positive — satirical German program “Madhouse.”

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