What secret techniques were used agents of SMERSH against German spies

Weapons 20/02/20 What secret techniques were used agents of SMERSH against German spies

the alleged Soviet secret technique to Dodge bullets called “Pendulum Tamancev” – the subject of incessant controversy. Some consider it a real effective method used in SMERSH, others insist that “Pendulum” is nothing more than a clever hoax.

Method Tamancev

Technique “Pendulum” described in the novel writer Vladimir Bogomolov, “the Moment of truth” (another name “In August of forty fourth”). This work was published in the journal “New world” in 1974 and brought its author wide acclaim. The plot of the book, the counterintelligence operative, senior Lieutenant Evgeniy Tamantsev nicknamed Wolfhound helps to catch German agents in the liberation of Belarus and Lithuania. Lieutenant – the one who knows how to “swing the pendulum”, ie to swing in different directions, dodging bullets during a quick fire contact. Bogomolov describes this technique, comparing it with Boxing skills.

“to hinder him aiming, I continuously “swung the pendulum”: danced left shoulder forward, jerkily moving your body from side to side and all the time moving himself, – something similar, but simpler, and does the boxer in the ring,” – says in the book itself Tamantsev about one of their clashes with the enemy.

With the “Pendulum”, according to the book, counterintelligence had the opportunity to take him alive well prepared to shoot the enemy. The mastery of technique is achieved heightened exercise.
overall, the novel is based on real episodes of the struggle smershevtsev with the fascist underground, so the description of the secret of the method was also accepted by the public at face value. Immediately after the publication of the “Moment of truth” readers flooded Bogomolov letters in which he admitted that, too, would like to learn how to “swing the pendulum”.
However, the writer did not leave details about the technology of “Pendulum Tamancev”. In later editions of his book, he only noted that he described the technique of “optimal actions and behaviour in the fire contact with the enemy” gave rise to “guidance development” for special forces and assault.
supporters of the reality “of the Pendulum Tamancev” I believe that in Stalinist times there was people who owned this practice, but they, and their media were deeply classified.

the arguments of the opponents of the authenticity of the “Pendulum” can be reduced to other authentic Soviet sources, except Roman Bogomolov, simply does not exist. The people, supposedly who were able in those days to perform this technique, consider the legendary figures, because specific names are not called.
consequently, many experts have concluded that the technique Tamancev as described in the novel shooting “in Macedonian” – two pistols at once, has no relation to reality.
Military journalist, Mikhail Boltunov said that when KGB chief Yuri Andropov, who became interested in the book, ordered to find prototypes of the heroes who served in the counterintelligence, they were not.
Doubt adds and version that Bogomolov himself, contrary to his official biography, served in SMERSH, and during the war he lived in evacuation in Tatarstan. On the topic that the writer simply made up his military biography, spoken, particularly, who knew his soldier Leonid Rabichev.
as for the practices of evading the bullets, based on a rational movement, they were known to the Russian military well before the forties of the XX century. For example, the Emperor Alexander II, when he in 1879 attempted revolutionary Solovyov, was saved due to the fact that he began to zigzag from side to side, confusing the shooter.

However, there is a compromise point of view, which is that the novel really describes a special technique, which has been completely lost since owned it, and the mixtureogie. The same system of “Pendulum Tamancev”, which was revived in two thousand years through the efforts of martial arts masters and instructors in the shooting, according to this version, nothing more than a remake, which should be treated with caution.

Timur Sagdiyev

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