Why is the father of Mikhail Gorbachev was depicted in a German uniform

History 25/02/20 Why the father of Mikhail Gorbachev was depicted in the German form

it has long been rumored that Mikhail Gorbachev had given a subscription about collaboration with the Germans during the occupation of his native village. But, it turns out that in the mid 1990’s and Gorbachev’s father was suspected of collaboration. And the reason for the events that occurred in 1945 with a certain Gregory Rybakov.

Gorbachev, a senior at the front,

the Father had the future first President of the USSR Sergey Andreevich Gorbachev went to the front with the last group of draftees. The fact that Sergei Andreyevich got a small reprieve until until the farm is not harvesting. How to write Olga Derkach and Vladislav Bykov in his book “Gorbachev”, home went to see Gorbachev, Sr. to the regional center in Crimea. There Sergey Andreevich son bought a balalaika and ice cream. Later, Michael cut tool date: 3 August 1941.

the Father sent Gorbachev in Krasnodar, which at the time formed the infantry brigade. In 1942, the brigade suffered great losses and was reformed in Michurinsk 161 th infantry division. According to Dmitry Yazov, the author of the book “Marshal of the Soviet Union,” in the division Sergey Andreevich, served as a sapper. Of cowardice to accuse Gorbachev of senior difficult: he was wounded, awarded the medal “For courage” and was twice awarded order of the red Star.

“Double” and the boy with spot

However, there was one who called Sergei Gorbachev, a collaborator. About this episode mentions in his book “Mikhail Gorbachev. Life to the Kremlin” Nicholas Zenkovich. According to Zenkovich, in 1994 in the newspaper “news of intelligence and counterintelligence” was a man who introduced himself as retired Colonel of the foreign intelligence Service Gregory Rybakov. He said that in 1945, during the battle killed one German. After searching the Nazis, Fishermen found the Ouija Board documents in the name of Sergey Gorbachev and some pictures.

In one photo, Gorbachev was depicted in the form of a red army soldier next to a Soviet tank, and the other in German uniform near German tanks. But the most interesting thing on the third picture next to Sergei Gorbachev stood the boy with the birthmark on his head. Fishermen, as one would, reported findings to command. In 1985, saw Mikhail Gorbachev in the media, Gregory of Fishermen decided to share their story with Boris Yeltsin. But Rybakov suggested to keep quiet.

fact or fiction?

However, Vladislav Shved, the author of the book “Who are you, mr. Gorbachev?”, believes that this story too many inaccuracies. First and foremost, the Swede notes that the patronymic, specified by Gregory Rybakov does not correspond to the present patronymic Sergey Gorbachev: German tanker named Sergei Panteleevich, while the father of the former President’s name was Sergei Andreyevich. Second, Gorbachev is a senior served as a sapper, not a tanker. If fake Sergey Gorbachev wanted the agent to send to his native village instead of the present, it is unlikely that this substitution would go unnoticed by the villagers.

meanwhile, some researchers cite as a suspicious item and another fact from the biography of Sergei Gorbachev. Towards the end of the war, the family received a death notice and personal belongings: documents and photographs. Grieved for a few days. But it soon appeared that it was just a mistake, but that of Sergei Andreyevich got a letter. It is worth considering that the death notice arrived in Privolnoye, not in 1945, when he was killed the double of Sergei Andreevich, and in 1944-m. Yes and what really happened, Mikhail Gorbachev with the words of the father described in his memoirs “Remain optimistic”. Sergey Andreevich came under fire and simply forgot the bag with documents and images on the parapet of the trench.

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