What the Soviet military was the first to die in the Afghan war

History 02/03/20 What the Soviet military was the first to die in the Afghan war

Almost three decades ago ended the Afghan conflict. According to official statistics, after the war, which lasted about 10 years (1979-1989), were 620 thousand people. Of these, 14 453 people were killed. Not all losses were combat: someone died from the disease, someone is a victim of a command error or their own negligence, and even themselves took his own life.

Authorities still do not like to remember those events in which the most powerful at the time the army was virtually powerless against the armed forces of the Afghan tribes. Although officially the invasion began in December 1979, Soviet military advisers were already in the country, and the first loss our side has suffered back in the spring of that year, during the Herat revolt.

a Riot broke out on 15 March in a military garrison city of Herat. By the time Afghanistan is already almost a year ago tore the civil war, which came to power Pro-Soviet leader Nur Mohamad Taraki. In Herat arrived from Iran disguised as Iranian Shiites, who began to call the believers to revolt. In the end, the city is gripped by unrest, and in the local garrison he raised a rebellion, which was headed by ex-military of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, Ismail Khan, in the future known field commander, the lion of Herat.

years Later managed to establish who were the first five people who died in the Afghan war.

Nikolai Yakovlevich Bizyukov

Major, Advisor to the Deputy commander of the 17th infantry division of the armed forces of the DRA on the technical side. A native of Krasnoyarsk Krai, a great tank specialist. After a year of military service upon the recommendation of the commander was out of the competition enlisted in the military Omsk tank-technical College. In 1978 he was sent to Afghanistan as a military adviser.

Nikolai Yakovlevich became the first military personnel atGibson during the Afghan conflict. 17 March 1979, during a mutiny in Herat during the evacuation from the base he paused, for some reason, back at the house, it cost him his life: when on the way back he already jumped in the car, it was surrounded by the rebels, the Afghan driver was not touched, and bizukova stoned and torn to pieces. His remains were sent home in a sealed zinc coffin.

Yuri Bogdanov

the Soviet civil specialist, who was involved in the Herat buying wool. Also became a victim of the Herat uprising. The rebellion caught Bogdanov and his pregnant wife at the Villa where they lived. He managed to help his wife to climb the wall to the neighbors, though they were Afghans, hid a woman from the angry mob. She escaped with a broken leg, and Yuri crazed Afghans killed and desecrated his body. It was March 17, 1979.

James F. Ends

Specialist in the oil industry. In Afghanistan engaged in the exploration of oil fields. During the rebellion, along with other specialists were evacuated to the city hotel. The building was torn angry Afghans who were only stopped by a volley of artillery. When the rebels retreated, James F. was out on the porch of the hotel to check the situation and immediately received automatic fire in the belly from the rebels. The wound proved fatal. Died James F. 17 Mar 1979.

Ignashev Vasily Vasilyevich

Colonel, Advisor to the Deputy commander of the 3rd army corps of the armed forces of the DRA on the political part. Born March 18, 1932 in the village Rassohina Vologda region. Before sending to Afghanistan he held the position of Deputy chief of the political Department of the 30th guards army corps at Vyborg, Leningrad region. In June 1978, he served as an Advisor on organizational protoliterate when the army corps of the Afghan army. Died may 31, 1979 during the rebellion in the Afghan military unit at the field command post connections Pachislo corps, which stormed rebellious VoennoLoramie parts of the armed forces of the DRA.

Viktor Ivanovich Rykov

the Colonel, the adviser of the commander and the chief of staff of the artillery regiment of the 3rd army corps of the armed forces of the DRA. It is known that he and Vasily Ignashev, was on the panel Pachislo case when he stormed the rebels. Was killed may 31.

it is Worth noting that the first five of the dead fell not in battle, and became victims of the rebels – military from the armed forces of the DRA that were previously loyal to the regime, but then opposed the Soviet soldiers of his former allies.

let’s Add that first loss after the official invasion of Afghanistan resulted in the death of 47 people in the crash of a transport aircraft Il-76M, 25 Dec crashed into the top of the ridge Gundukush in Bamyan province. The tragedy claimed the lives of all crew members and 350 paratroopers regiment of the airborne forces.

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