What the USSR did to supervenom Hitler after the war

Weapons 02/03/20 That the Soviet Union did to supervenom Hitler after the war

Among all the ships of the navies of the major industrial countries of the world, are the most capable aircraft carriers, with a group of accompanying ships. Combat duty on aircraft carriers arose only in the second half of the twentieth century, although the projects for their creation existed before. The most ambitious of them can be considered an attempt to create a
Nazi Germany.

Ahead of all

Despite the fact that the project of creating the first aircraft carriers appeared in the early twentieth century, including in tsarist Russia, one of the first real attempts built ship of this class was taken by Nazi Germany. It is noteworthy that the gigantic aircraft carrier was laid down in German shipyards for several years before the outbreak of the Second World war in 1936. Project vessel could reach a maximum speed of 33 knots and can carry up to 60 aircraft. Its armament also includes eight 203-mm guns and powerful anti-aircraft guns. The aircraft carrier has received the loud name “Graf Zeppelin”. However, the weapons that were supposed to be set at the ship was too powerful for such cash vehicles.

During the finalization of the draft of the carrier increased speed to 35 knots and heavy 203 – mm gun was replaced by a 150 mm gun. The hull length was 250m at the height of the sides of 22.2 meters. The aircraft was placed in a two-level hangar and take off with a special deck. In the air they were fired by means of two pneumatic catapults, installed in the bow of the vessel. However, without recharging the air cylinder can be sent into the air only four aircraft. Separate the flight deck had a length of 241 meters and a width of 30.7 metres. Most interesting is that for landing planes in bad weather were organized even illumination of the runway. Water first German aircraft carrier SPUstili 8 Dec 1938. The event was of such importance that attended the ceremony in the person of Adolf Hitler and Hermann göring.

Tragic death

the Engineers of the Third Reich successfully coped with the creation of the ship, systems, takeoff and landing of aircraft on its deck. The only problem was with the aircraft. Aircraft designers had to make a special carrier aviation. It was based on fighter Me-109Ти attack aircraft Junkers-87C. German aircraft carrier could carry twenty multi-purpose aircraft, ten fighters, and thirteen dive bombers. However, in 1940, work on the creation of an aircraft carrier, ready to 85% suddenly froze. Fear of Soviet bombers, the ship used as a floating warehouse until 1942 some were sent from one port to another until it found its final resting place in Gotenhafen. In the middle of the war on the aircraft carrier remembered, and April 16, 1942, the führer ordered to finish its completion and equipping. But as soon as work began, as 30 January 1943 came the order to re-suspend. The ship was towed to Stettin where he stood until the end of the war. In 1945 the ship as a trophy went to the Soviet troops. However it was not weapons, were missing a lot of electrical devices, and on Board of the ship by the Germans was blown up by turbines and generators. The ship barely kept afloat. Since the carrier has pumped out the water, batten down the holes and incorporated into the Soviet Navy as a captured vessel.

During the classification of captured ships “Graf Zeppelin” was a literal “C” which meant that he had significant damage. It was decided to use the military experiments as a target. Failed huge aircraft carrier was destroyed with a special passion. His body felt the explosions of bombs and artillery shells of various calibers. The ship survived. In the next round of experiments “Graf Zeppelin” was bombed with planes, and then RussTralala from the guns of cruisers and torpedoed from surface ships. The epilogue was the detonation of a sinking ship mines already on the seabed. The serial destruction of the aircraft carrier was on 16th and 17th August 1947. It should be noted that the “Graf Zeppelin” withstood all the hardships of the test, disappearing under the water only after it was torpedoed during the final stage of the experiment.

Dmitry Sokolov

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