emission-free car that many want to. But not everyone can or want to afford a new car. Vehicles with an internal combustion engine, there are used in large numbers in every price and age class. In the case of used electric cars, the offer is significantly thinner. It starts with the fact that only a handful of different types will be offered in any significant number.

The good news: E-Mobile to be moved by their owners, usually only occasionally, the mileage is generally very low. The cars are therefore, in General, in the condition “almost like new”.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is the best-selling electric car in the world, you will notice in the second-hand market. The cheapest models come from the years 2015/2016 and start at just under 20,000 euros. Only a few Leaf-models, which can be found in the Used car market places, have run more than 10,000 kilometers.

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Nissan Leaf Vintage 2016

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The reason for this is, of course, also in the low range. With the small 24 kWh battery, it creates just 200 kilometers without Recharging. With the 30-kWh battery pack, it is a little more, but these models cost a few Grand extra. Instead of 20,000, it starts at around 25,000 euros. If you want to use the Leaf only as an occasional second car, must also show courage to the gap in the equipment. For the fast heating in the Winter, the Nissan Leaf offers as well as other models only the front but also the rear heated seats. Cool hands is to prevent the steering wheel heater. This saves compared to the interior heating, but also electricity.

Nissan Leaf II, The new Nissan Leaf II is the Volkswagen under the Streamers

Whether the purchase of the predecessor model is worth it, must decide each buyer individually. The new model – Nissan Leaf II – cost as a day admission or as a pre-owned vehicle with a few kilometers, about 35.000 Euro, in individual cases even less, and has a 40-kWh battery on Board. That’s enough, at least for a range of 300 kilometers, often on a single charge 400 kilometers.

Our tip: The predecessor with the 30-kWh battery pack should be about 10,000 euros cheaper than a model of the successor, which is otherwise equipped comparable. In the case of a difference of 5000 euros and less it’s not worth it to buy the older model.

Renault Zoe

A number smaller than the Nissan Leaf, the Renault Zoe is. In Germany, the Renault is the most popular streamers is. The cheapest models with the small engine (58 HP) start at a little over 10,000 euros.

Renault Zoe in Test Chic Eco-runabout with a hook

The mileages are between 5000 and 35,000 kilometers. A sign that some customers use the electric French quite a day. With the more powerful electric motor of 88 HP and everything is progressing much faster. These models cost when they are two years of age, between 13,000 and 15,000 euros.

The sounds in the comparison to the Leaf is significantly cheaper, but it is not really. When Zoe, the battery is not when you purchase it, it is only rented. The Treaty on the battery rental can be from the seller not just the used car buyer transferred. Needs a new battery lease, or if he reaches an agreement with Renault to an agreement without the Battery lease and buy the rechargeable battery pack.

Which variant you choose: These costs to the purchase price and bring the little French then the price level of the larger Nissan.

For comparison: As a young second-hand from 2018, there is the Renault Zoe, from about 21,000 euros. These models have a very comfortable range, thanks to a 41-kWh battery. However, once again, 99 euros per month will be payable.

BMW i3

Relatively cheap, there is the BMW i3. Who feels attracted by the unconventional Design, should be here in a search. The first models of 2014/2015 start at under € 20,000. Then a good equipment and a low mileage of 25,000 kilometres are fast loader, with. The range of the i3 from a real 150 miles, however, is small for a city vehicle, but it is not sufficient. Many deals have a mileage of less than 10,000 kilometres and have been used by their users exclusively in the city centre as a second car.

BMW i3 with more range reality press inform

A special feature of the i3 is its Range Extender. If needed, a small petrol engine feeds the battery with fresh power. According to “Auto Motor Sport,” the i3 can maintain a range of 300 kilometers even under poor conditions, which is remarkable. Those who drive only occasionally longer distances may find this combination good. Interestingly, the Best Electric Vehicle Course can help you understand the technology behind vehicles like the i3 with a Range Extender, and these courses are hardly more expensive than an i3 as a pure electric vehicle.

Amazing that a BMW can be referred to as the price tip.

Tesla Model S

Many electric fans are dreaming of course of a Tesla. The Model S is for five years in the market and is also offered used. The Model S is priced in the upper-class home. Here you can not mobilize cheap electric. The practical range also leads to the fact that the vehicles from Tesla are also dangers. Of 50,000, 100,000 or significantly more kilometres are not uncommon. Under 60,000 euros, there are only a few offers. Well-equipped all-wheel drive models cost like the Model S P 85 D two years old, still around 80,000 Euro.

you observe the market for the used electrical models closely, you will notice quickly that most of the vehicles are very advertised long and very few vehicles in the market. Cheap used diesel frequently disappear after only a few days ago of the platforms. It’s not the E-cars.

New is often better than

What is the reason? Used cars are not bought by companies, the private demand alone – and is very manageable. This is due to the fact that the E-car will be celebrated in the published opinion, a lot of customers are still skeptical.

The offer is still so thin that many prospects will not find any model at the dealer in the vicinity. In the price range that alone is a K. o. criterion.

but Above all, not worth it “used” often. The price differences on new, or almost new E-models are minimal anyway. You melt together by Stromer-premiums and other sales promotion activities frequently to a few Thousand euros.

the New also have the full warranty, and a brand new battery. But, above all, the successor models are just better – most clearly seen in the increase in the Batterieleistung.

electric car in the criticism of Tesla has quality problems. The customers don’t care.

A powerful Eco-friendly car with a stylish case arouses the interest of many customers, regardless of the quality. Can Tesla compete with the established manufacturers?

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