The concept of the Entice is a sporty touring bike that handles as many of the ingredients from the mountain bike. As a result, the Entice is not for the off-roader for the Single Trail but it is but for an all-terrain enough to be on the field because of sandy or stony slopes, without a fixed ceiling deal.

So, the Entice is the Trend to close the gap between Offroad and Onroad. In Geometry, the structure and the 28mm rim can be seen in the kalkhoff-wheel in the descent of a touring bike. Other manufacturers, such as Giant approach the topic with models such as the Quick-E+ FS starting from the mountain bike.

You can’t say one idea is better than the other. The wheels take the genes of their origin, the Entice will feel in the road, it wants to advance, as it should be for a touring bike.

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The Bosch Performance Line is the right engine for such a Bike.

PR, the width of the tires

the main ingredient of Entice Tour are the relatively wide tires, including a temperate terrain profile, to a suspension of 60 millimeters for the front wheel and a comparatively strong disc brakes comes. The wider rubber will lead to a better Grip and easier to Drive in the city, because they accept wet cobblestones, potholes and square stones much better than narrow tyres. But of course, you do not have the Dimension of 2.7-inch-wide Enduro rubber, the wegbügeln every bump.

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The running noise is, in spite of the knobs quietly and unobtrusively, and to compare with the Sound of real off-road tires. In fact, the engine in the stronger support levels to be louder than the rolling noise.

The main difference to the normal tyre for Touring on non-paved surfaces. If solid, rocky areas migrate in loose sandy areas, there is considerably more security and control.

Bosch motor with a pressure

drive and battery are from Bosch. In Germany, the undisputed number one in the E-Bike drives. The battery capacity of 500 Wh for the 130 km range good. That is certainly true, when you work, even a little, and not too quickly departs. It is, however, always the strongest support “Turbo” and on the Gas, the Entice is a distance of about 70 to 80 miles before the last bar goes out.

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The mid-engine comes from the Bosch Performance Line – it is slightly larger and more powerful than the motors of the Active Line. The advantage is that The engine paddles up to 63 Newton meters of torque on the shaft, which is considerably more than the maximum of 40 Newton metres of Active Line. This force ensures on the one hand for a fast-paced start-up experience, but it is important for everyone who climbs has to deal with. To do this, you do not need to conquer the Dolomites with the bike, the weaker motors disappoint already mountains on Paths in the medium. More Power there are Bosch only in the Performance Line CX (75 Newton-meters) or the mountain-bike motors from other manufacturers. The CX kalkhoff builds, however, only in the Entice-wheels without road equipment.

as Expected, the engine without the CX gives off enough power for the inclines. We tap, it fits well, if a trailer is to be pulled.

the Motor with a chain, and a 10-speed Deore derailleur is Combined. The works without complaint, especially as the engines of the current Generation of very reliable the engine during the switching operation in the bridle. The risk that you could tear the wire, literally, the teeth of the pinion, is now banned.

Why derailleur is better

Many cyclists find the combination of an electric motor with a belt and a hub circuit is attractive, as it requires no fat, not easily adjusted, and wear-free. But not everyone knows that the power of the engine is reduced in the case of a hub circuit to 50 Newton meters. Who wants a belt and hub gears, the engine on a slope a little in the lurch.

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sporty, but not too far bent forward. The built-in saddle also comes from the section “Sport” and not from the “convenience”. For a good control and a sporty gait, the fits, but one or the other will want to replace the saddle, finally, the body sits on a E-bike is not under tension as in the case of a Muskelrad. If the engine purrs, sitting more on his Butt than it is to work legs.

In the street variant, the protection sheets are installed, a system, Luggage carrier and a powerful lighting system. The wheel is, therefore, entirely suitable for everyday use.

to provide Innovative, clean cable routing

in addition to the practical advantages of the Entice in the matter of Design points want. Because of the normal bike rider expected today, something for the eye. The Entice in the direction of the Hipster-bike with narrow tubes. The bike looks, especially in Anthracite pretty beefy. For the powerful, acting under the pipe, in which the battery is fully integrated. To Recharge the battery can’t be removed – is indispensable if the wheel is always next to a power outlet. Very convenient that the battery can be recharged without taking it out of the frame.

the Biggest design highlight is the combination of the head tube and the Handlebars – here kalkhoff relies on an in-house development. Of the handlebar ends of the cables go to the center and will then be guided invisibly through the tax rate and the control tube. The bike looks extremely clean, because there is much less disturbing cable as in the case of other wheels. This fits in with that of the small Purion controller was installed by Bosch that is easy on the thumb. The inclusion of the tax rate and the Form of the tube is meticulously designed. You must say: This looks mighty chic.

But the Kalkhoff is not a pure design mark – for the beautiful look is never sacrificed for functionality. Therefore, the luminaires are not integrated into the frame. The very powerful front light not only produces a good view, but also the important light cone in close range and it also remains mounted.

those Who opt for a Entice-wheel without road equipment, should be safe. Just in case this is the successful Design of the subsequent installation of the lighting system, Luggage carrier and protection is expected to sheets the whole wheel disfigure.

Our test Bike was anthracite, so the Entice looks very formidable. The Bike but you can also in a Two-color paint as in the photo get. It is not the design of the slides, but a real paint in the colour of Melange. The Bike has a much friendlier. For a more comfortable entry, there is also a variant with a lowered top tube in addition to the pure Low step. The rear will be installed on a bin then you should also check men’s this Form in more detail.

the bottom line

The Entice Tour is superior in concept to the classic E-bike. Heavy tires are harder, so they can be avoided in the case of muscle wheels. But here is the E-Motor kicks in, the driver benefits from more comfort and more safety. The engine has a weaker engine we keep, however, unsuitable for a touring bike.

it is Important that the size of the wheel fits exactly. The special stem of the wheel makes it impossible to change the Arm later, or to extend the head tube, to achieve a more comfortable Position. Of Kalkhoff however, there is an adjustable stem, with it, the Handlebar can be brought up a bit in the height. For more convenience you can install a wider saddle, a cushioned saddle. Since the damping needs to be on the weight of the driver matched, it remains only a retrofit solution.

The price of 2990 euros, we feel as fair to cheap. Especially since you can get the wheel in the current 2019er variant in the market from 2700 euros to about 300 euros cheaper.

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a Dutch Bike – virtually indestructible classic with no sporting ambitions
brand: Batavus
type: Old Dutch
price: from 499 Euro.
On a classic Bike, you sit upright and look openly and curiously at the world. Holland wheels are durable and comfortable. Due to their construction they are more suitable for flat Land. Equipped with a good circuit, proceed in the plane afloat. In addition, the upright stance is comfortable, it prevents reliably any career as a mountain goat.
The framework has changed over the years. The mark is an isosceles “V”, with a curved and pulled up at the pipe welded. The Handlebar is curved and balanced so that you can jets on a Bike hands-free through the world, furthermore, you do not need to bend. The saddles are sprung, according to tradition, made of leather and well. One of the advantages of the Dutch Bicycle for the everyday cyclist: The chain is behind a full fairing hidden, so pants do not get fatty legs in the greasy chain.
Holland wheels routes are optimal in the short – and city bikes, and lose with good workmanship and care rarely of value. Disadvantage: For a Transport they are very bulky and also very heavy.
Plus: a Solid, good-natured, everyday carry suitable for
Minus: Heavy, unwieldy, and unsportsmanlike
tip: Whether you Bike or not, who is wearing street clothes on the bike, you should place value on a closed chain box.



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