What valuable were taken by the Nazis from the occupied territory of the USSR

History 24/03/20 valuable were taken by the Nazis from the occupied territory of the USSR

About the atrocities of the Nazis in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union is known to all. They were the result of the introduction into the consciousness of the army of the Wehrmacht doctrine that the Germans are the master race and Slavs untermensch, subhuman, which is allowed to do anything. And if so, what can and should not only physically destroy the population of conquered countries, but also to use its resources.


a Plan of attack on the Soviet Union, known as “the Plan “Barbarossa”” had economic section, codenamed the plan “Oldenburg”.

In accordance with it, all the riches of the conquered territories were declared the property of the Wehrmacht and was to be exported to Germany.

All that could take, namely: machinery, equipment, contents of industrial and food warehouses, all of this was loaded into wagons and went West. Occupied territories had prepared the role of agricultural colonies, so there was no question about saving here of any industry. It was assumed that there will be farms and estates of the citizens of greater Germany. However, when it became clear that the war is delayed, and the Germans began to experience problems with supply in the occupied territories continued to create workshops and the enterprises for repair of equipment, maintain order in lines of communication, especially Railways. All that was necessary for the war effort, recovered, other raw materials, equipment, down to the scrap metal went to Germany.


Germany lacked metals for the war industry, in particular Nickel, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten. Was lack of oil, other minerals.

So in the “Green folder” of Goering (tAK referred to personal notes and memos Goering to plan “Oldenburg”) specifically state that oil, platinum, chromium, molybdenum, magnesium and rubber, discovered in the occupied territories, should be exported to Germany.

Preserved reports of the headquarters of the economic management of “East” on explored and taken in July 1943, the commodity stocks. Here are the amounts of natural resources, which managed to use the Germans, it reads:

Chrome ore — 13 521 tons
Iron ore — 1 033 339 tons
ferro-manganese — 16 098 tons
Manganese ore (raw material) — 500 499 tons
rental — 15 207 tons
Lead (raw material) — 832 508 tons
Copper (raw material) — 1 141 1 043 tonnes
Mercury (raw material) — 2 305 3 854 kilograms
Old gold and Golden scrap — 644 23 kilograms.

In this list contains beeswax, paraffin, and flax, and sheep’s wool and skin, and sunflower oil, soybeans, in a word everything, to which only managed to get the Germans.


Since the occupied territories was planned to colonize, bringing to them the “true Aryans” to keep the local population did not need to. It was planned to leave life for some local residents, who will be the slaves, and the rest to be destroyed. And one of the most effective measures in reducing the local population was hungry. For this reason, the Germans were taken to Germany trains with bread, butter, herds of cattle. In the occupied territories they took from the local population all that you have. The words “triggers, I MLEKO” become paradigmatic, and they perfectly reflect the style of behavior of the Germans with the local population.


From 1942 to 1944 in Germany, echelons of the Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian “Ostarbeiter” – so the Germans called labor from the Eastern front. Initially people were lured by flyers and newspaper articles telling how well they will live in Germany, as to anym fine will be treated with dignity and to pay for labor. However, later, when it became clear that not all believe in this fairy tale and wish to go to Germany voluntarily is almost there, the Germans launched a real hunting for people. Especially often drove adolescents and young women. Weekly in Germany sent 5 or more thousands of “civilian Russians.” Overall, it was exported more than 5 million people. In Germany they were auctioned as slaves. Some were sent to factories, buying other farmers to work in the village. Young women often acquired brothels.

Private trophies

there are many documents showing that the Germans behaved in the occupied territories, as the real criminals. They forced people all more or less valuable: clothes, utensils, even childrens toys. Were taken from men watches, silver and gold jewelry.

keep the memories of that German prisoners were found bundles of chains, gold rings and even gold dental crowns, which, not shrinking, tore his mouth from the dead, and, at times, and alive.

very often the Germans took away the warm clothes. This, in a way, even understandable: the cold winter of 1941 was a severe, and the Germans had no winter uniforms, as the commanders believed that the war would last a few weeks. The invaders took away hats, winter coats, scarves, coats, boots, anything they could find in the houses. Often stripped of people on the street. Took the sheets and tablecloths to sew a kind of camouflage.

Guderian described one of the military units, which he examined: “If not emblems of our soldiers it would be impossible to distinguish from the Russian. They are in Russian hats and coats”.

works of art

Plunder during the occupation and was subjected to the museums of the Soviet Union. From Leningrad region to Germany trainloads of loot in Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo and other suburbs of Leningrad paintings antique furniture, objects of decorative art. The famous amber room cut up for parts, and so parts were taken. The fate of this masterpiece is still unknown.

Preserved memories of what did the Germans seized the estate of Tolstoy – Yasnaya Polyana. Made here the officer’s dormitory and the hospital. The Germans took valuable photographs and objects from the exhibition, including wall clock, curtains, bookshelf. Divided among themselves, even the clothes from the Museum’s collection.

Russian Chernozem

But stories about the levels of Russian (Ukrainian) soil, if taken to Germany, probably not more than a myth. He was, apparently, born of the monstrous greed of the Germans, who were dragged from the USSR, all that were able to reach. However, perhaps someone once saw a certain amount of land, which was exported for any pilot, let’s say goals. But the trains still say not necessary. Not kept any documentary evidence of this at the time as a neat, the Germans fixed all the values and minerals that they were taken from the occupied territories.

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