What was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov, in addition to the machine

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the Legendary Soviet and Russian gunmaker Mikhail Kalashnikov could not invent his famous AK-47. But a chain of circumstances it happened that the most reliable machine in the world appeared in Russia.

the Future inventor was born very sickly. In his words, there was not a single disease, which he had not been ill in childhood. At the age of six years during another illness, he almost died. “I have ceased to breathe: the parents were convinced of this, when brought to the nose of the chicken feather – it did not move,” – writes in his memoirs, Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Sent for the carpenter, he measured the growth of the boy and went into the yard to make a coffin. But as soon as pounding the axe, Mike suddenly began to show signs of life. Parents again called a carpenter. Seeing the “resurrected” child he, according to the designer, in the hearts said: “Such a snotty little boy, and there – so pretended!”.

Mikhail Kalashnikov admitted that in his family, the death became an everyday phenomenon: of the nineteen brothers and sisters, only eight survived. It often then will remember the words of the mother told a neighbor: “Mike needs to grow up happily – he was born in a shirt”.

“I probably would have designed a technique that facilitates heavy peasant labor. Patriotic war of turned me the other way. The Germans ‘ fault that I became a military designer,” often said the designer.

In 1938, Mikhail Kalashnikov was drafted into the red army where, after graduating from courses for Junior commanders, the specialty of the driver of the tank. However, to be only a mechanic he was not interested, he immediately began to improve the design of the tank.

before the war, an aspiring engineer has invented a counter for counting the actual number of shots from a tank gun, has invented a device to TT pistol for shooting from the cracks in the turret of a tank, attached to the same gun shop with a larger number of rounds. But the most important invention of the pre-war years he became a meter service life of the tank, as at full power and at idle, which was the future Marshal of the victory Zhukov.

the idea of creating his main band Kalashnikov has pushed the episode that took place on the front. In October 1941 near Bryansk senior Sergeant Kalashnikov was seriously wounded. Making his way with a group of wounded soldiers from behind German lines to his, he came under heavy machine-gun fire of the enemy. Survived only three people, among them future designer. Since then, he did not give rest thought: whether if they have automatic weapons, the outcome of the battle would have been different.

In early 1942, Kalashnikov was sent to six months ‘ leave at the station Matai of the Turkestan-Siberian railway, where he had the opportunity to implement not giving him any peace plan. Resorting to the help of local mechanics, he created the first sample of his submachine gun, and here passed his first test.

Later in Alma-ATA, workshops evacuated to the capital of Kazakhstan at the Moscow aviation Institute, Kalashnikov had the opportunity to construct a more perfect machine sample. Authorities estimated a new weapon, and recommended Kalashnikov for further learning.

the First serious test awaited submachine gun Kalashnikov on Serovskom scientific proving ground near Moscow. But the inventor was disappointed. The Commission recorded that the model of the Kalashnikov in the manufacture of “harder and more expensive than PPSH-41 and PPS” and “the present form of industrial interest is not.”

After the war resistant designer still succeeded. In 1947, according to the results of a new test of his machine finally recognized the best. Experienced party decided to manufacture in Izhevsk. There was a seconded and the Kalashnikov. From now on his name will be until the end of life is associated with by the “Izhmash”.

Under the leadership of the Kalashnikov on the basis of the AK-47 on “Izhmashe” was created a whole family of military and civilian small arms of various calibers, including pistols, rifles, shotguns and machine guns. The total number of all species of AK weapons and warehouses of the Russian army in 2013 amounted to 17 million units.

after the death of the legendary designer engineers “Izhmash” continue his work. According to domestic and foreign experts, AK as the most effective automatic weapons will be used in the army until at least 2025.

Such designers as Mikhail Kalashnikov still need to look for. He was awarded fifty awards and medals, both domestic and foreign, has honorary membership of 16 academies, has 35 copyright certificates on the invention.

the American press in the Soviet times wrote that “the Russian Sergeant armed with all the “Warsaw bloc””, however, the famous “Kalash” enjoyed and continues to enjoy global demand. The designer samples are still in operation in 55 countries.

Love the AK has for that: it works in all weather conditions, fires flawlessly, even landed in a swamp or falling onto a hard surface from a great height. It is simple, reliable and convenient. But Mikhail Kalashnikov has repeatedly emphasized that simply inventing a lot harder than a tricked-out model. “I’ll shake the hand of someone who will make the machine better,” said Kalashnikov in his interviews. Until his death such was not.

despite his popularity, Mikhail Kalashnikov has always remained an extremely humble man. Shortly before his death, Izhmash has proposed to the designer for using his name in the new name of the group of 3 million and 300 thousand monthly compensation. But Kalashnikov refused. Until the end of his life he continued to live in a typical five-storey building of Izhevsk.

Last month and a half of life, when the health of Mikhail Kalashnikov have been severely shaken, he reluctantly held to be in hospital, but not in the Metropolitan hospital, and modest clinical diagnostic centre Izhevsk.

the Designer were treated in the mode of secrecy: the doctors had no right to disclose the diagnosis, and even tell about the health of the famous patient. Rumors reported only the news that Kalashnikov in serious but stable condition.

the day of the death of Mikhail Timofeyevich on December 23, 2013, the staff of the clinic appealed to the representatives of the interior Ministry, security forces to protect doctors and patients, journalists and the curious, rushing here for any information.

after the death of Mikhail Kalashnikov his Confessor published a letter to the Patriarch of All Russia Kirill. In it the legendary designer shared his spiritual experiences and admitted that he feels responsible for the death of people killed from the invention of weapons.

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