Exactly, at least, all cars that have a few years on the hump are taken, in the legal sense, an “accident-free”. The Definition is clear: “Only a vehicle that has so far not suffered any accident damage, accident free.” Buyers of new cars and days of approvals will be sure to rarely have problems with a vehicle Accident. Although it has happened that brand new cars have been damaged in transit or in the yard. Basically, all the damage caused by the external force to the vehicle, “accident damage”. But it is Legally fine to distinguish dearly between accident damage and minor damage. Also a minor damage such as a Parking impact caused by an accident, but not accident damage. Here Juris is something that was re-adjusted table.
ruling of The higher regional court of Cologne. v. 11.06.1975 – 2 U case 31/74, has noted: “The term ‘Accident-free’ or ‘accident’ is used in the motor vehicle trade. He says that a vehicle has not suffered any damage that is considered significant. The significance of damage is determined according to the traffic’s view, the omission of the minor, repaired damage to the bodywork and ‘beauty error” from the concept of being Accident-free.“ A scratch or a pressed-in Dent are minor damage, but everything you spoke colloquially as the accident would indicate.

If a four-year-old used cars, two fenders against new parts have been replaced, damage to the boundary between a “trivial harm” and a “accident” in any case, the court of appeal exceeded, Rostock (Urt. v. 17.12.2003 – 6 U 227/02).

be careful with the use of the term customer survey, Mercedes and Volkswagen drivers are unhappy with your car purchase By Gernot Kramper

it Is guaranteed in the sales contract, the property “accident-free” is considered legally as an essential feature of the car purchased. An honest seller should also indicate minor damage, as drawn – out acorn dents, then he is always on the safe side. If the assurance “accident is not true”, the buyer may withdraw from the contract if he discovers the damage. This possibility exists even if in the contract, all warranty is excluded. Some time after the purchase, it may lead to legal disputes. A Typical Example Of This. After a few months, the buyer seeks out an inspection of his workshop. In previous repairs are discovered, then the buyer wishes to withdraw from the contract. An apparent accident should be concealed damage intentionally, is also a Scam accusation in the room.

What is a fender-Bender?

also be careful with the term “minor damage”. In workshop jargon, so paint and body are called damages, which are not parts of the car carrying is deformed or has been damaged. When replacing the radiator and hood, and in the case of a pushed-in door, one therefore speaks of the “minor damage”. Thus, the vehicle is considered “salvage”. But again it comes to legal quibbles: Although not a “crash car” not the car “accident free”. In connection with the property of “accident-free” do not have to minor damage real trivia, the after repair value of the vehicle. A cracked disc would include the Repair of paint scratches, or Replacing a headlight.

Other damage and defects Life Hacks “Auto” So you always know which side of the tank lid

is Free of accidents, however, is not synonymous with defects and repair – free. The body should have been repaired because of rust and re-painted, it has nothing to do with an accident. Damage due to moisture, General wear and tear and improper maintenance is not affected by this

peer Review

If you are buying in a doubt due to the condition of your car, you can leave the vehicle at your workshop, or a expert. Significant accident damage and repairs, you can always find. When buying a used car should always be a Check to the appraiser are to be made before the contract was signed.

Should the dispute, however, just finish work, it will demonstrate for the buyer is hard to put a previous accident. If you want to withdraw after the discovery of the damage from the purchase, you have to be to resistance taken. At a dealer you will need legal assistance to secure its Position.

Old car with an uncertain history

If you buy an old car with multiple owners, you must always expect that no one assures the property of “accident-free”. Then there are known only diaper soft formulations, such as “no accident”. The is hard to avoid. Because neither the dealer nor a private person, will want to take a risk, when a twelve-year-old car is sold for less than 3000 Euro.

is Worth a lawsuit?

If the car was privately purchased, see you in civil litigation, the usual trade-off with you in Trouble and cost of the examination must be estimated and on the other side a Chance to assess, to come back your money. Should you be of the view that the seller was “nothing in it” will not serve them a verdict alone, a little, because there is no cash conjures.

pros and cons of New or used car – a check list

Somewhere between the written-off car and the young-timer threshold moves the mass of the used car. It’s not enough for a brand new one from the factory? stern.de helps, the pros and Cons properly weighed, and says, what to look for when buying a used.


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