With a speed limit and a ban on driving on a track, the city of Kiel wants to improve the air on the busy Theodor-Heuss-Ring, and a looming Diesel-driving ban prevent. “We have to comply with the limit values quickly, and thus the health of the local residents to protect, but at the same time, the mobility,” said mayor Ulf fighter (SPD) on Tuesday. On the transport axis to be exceeded for years the limits for polluting emissions, in some cases significantly.

On Monday the city had submitted their plans to the state environment Minister, Jan Philipp Albrecht (Green), the plan is working on a clean Air. He also wants to avoid driving bans by all means, was, according to the opinion, but cautious: “to what Extent are the proposed by the city action, at the end, to reduce the pollutant load in the short term sufficient, we must now examine in detail.”

New speed limit planned

The Kiel city administration wants to achieve cleaner air in the major axis in several steps. Starting in the spring should apply in both directions, Tempo 50. So far, there 70 is allowed. In a direction of travel, Diesel vehicles (including Euro 6) may, in the future, only the left lane – the fast Lane – driving, in order to emit significantly more of the to the street nearby the apartment removing their contaminants. Some child – and runs to the Theodor-Heuss-Ring to be locked.

wt / DPA


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