Where did the rumors that Alexander Solzhenitsyn urged the United States to reset the Soviet Union atomic bomb

History 20/03/20 Where did the rumors that Alexander Solzhenitsyn urged the United States to reset the Soviet Union the atomic bomb

In 1974, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from the country. Before departure, ardent anti-Communist, allegedly threw his countrymen: “Wait, you bastards! You throw an atomic bomb on the head!”. However, uttered these words of Solzhenitsyn, really? And even if he called for U.S. authorities to war with the Soviet Union?

“Mistakes” allies

As we know, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a staunch opponent of the Communist system. According to the writer, similar views were held by most citizens of the USSR. Solzhenitsyn claimed that in 1941, his countrymen expect from a foreign army solely the overthrow of the hated Bolshevik regime. That is why the writer has accused Russia’s allies in the “transactions with communism.” If you believe Nikolai Yakovlev, the author of the publication “the CIA against the USSR”, in 1975, in his speech at the “Hilton” Solzhenitsyn said that the United States made a mistake by refusing to support the king, recognizing in 1933, the USSR and made cooperation with the Soviet Union in the struggle against the Germans.

As written in his book “Jacket Solzhenitsyn” Oleg Matveychev and Anatoly Belyakov, almost every such speech, Alexander Solzhenitsyn (especially after the expulsion from the country) tried to demonize the Soviet Union, calling on the West to abandon the policy of weakness in his attitude and demonstrate willingness to go “the risk of a major war”. “If the leaders of the East felt in you even the slightest burning, the slightest gust of life in defense of freedom, if they understand that you are willing to die to this freedom has survived and spread, in that moment they would be discouraged,” said Solzhenitsyn.

the Soviet press: the lie or the truth?

no Wonder that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a man, “calling the United States to drop the atomic bomb in the Soviet Union.” According to Lyudmila Saraskina in the publication of “Alexander Solzhenitsyn”, similar rumors with joy dismissed the Russian press, continued persecution of exiled writer. To approve Saraskina in 1982 in the newspaper “Soviet Russia” has published an article, according to which Solzhenitsyn allegedly threw in the face of his countrymen of the threat: “just Wait, you bastards! Will Truman on you! You throw an atomic bomb on the head!”. However, these words did not belong to the writer, and one of the heroes of his epic “the GULAG Archipelago”.

Lyudmila Saraskina, actually accused the newspaper “Soviet Russia” outright lies, besieged in his book “the Unknown Solzhenitsyn. The genius of the first spit,” Vladimir Bushin. According to Bushin, the newspaper actually described the events that occurred after the war. The fact that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from the USSR in 1974. By the time US President Harry Truman for 2 years, was not alive. As for quotes from “Archipelago”, the Bushin believes that Solzhenitsyn simply hid behind his characters. Solzhenitsyn really wrote: “We shouted to the guards from the depths…”.

a Nuclear bomb in the hands of the United States

meanwhile, this is not the only quote from “the GULAG Archipelago” for the use of the atomic bomb. So, on the pages of this book, Alexander Solzhenitsyn mentions prison reasoning that boiled down to “systemic myopia” and “stupidity,” which he distinguished himself during the Second world war, Britain and the United States, or rather their leaders, Churchill and Roosevelt. Under the assumptions of Solzhenitsyn, for his work the US and Britain was paying the USSR for participation in the upcoming Japanese war. However, Solzhenitsyn wondered why it was necessary for those same States, which by that time already “was in possession of an atomic bomb.”

However, the U.S. nuclear bombs still used in August 1945, they were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then killed thousands of people. Onefor, as noted in his book “disinformation. The fourth power against USSR” Viktor Kozhemyako, for this tragedy in the pages of “Archipelago” and in the conversations of prisoners designated for some reason was not. The United States, according to Kozhemyako, was preparing a nuclear strike and Soviet Union: an appropriate plan was developed in 1948-1949. The American authorities were going to erase from the face of the earth at least 70 Soviet cities. And only nuclear tests conducted in the USSR stopped their warlike ardor.

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