How much money is spent on the Soviet Union to the aid of their allies in Africa

History 20/03/20 How much money is spent on the Soviet Union to the aid of their allies in Africa

In the early 70-ies of the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations with 11 African countries. In an effort to support on another continent, the Communist movement, the Soviet Union for two decades had been very active and comprehensive support “black mates” – with money, weapons, military, and other appliances.
hundreds of Soviet military and intelligence personnel took part in military conflicts on the territory of these States, dozens were killed and wounded.

as a result of interference in the internal Affairs of other countries, the Soviet Union is no geopolitical benefit to itself is not received. Yes, and shortly after the withdrawal of the “limited contingent” of Africa ceased to exist as a unified state.

Why it was necessary of the USSR

In the midst of the cold war between the two world superpowers – the USSR and the USA, the Soviet Union used every opportunity to strengthen its political influence. Underdeveloped African countries that with the 50-ies of XX century began active struggle for independence, this came – in the territorial plan, together they occupied quite a large part of the African continent and needed military support and military-political cooperation after independence by force. For more than 20 years of “fraternal assistance” warring African States, the Soviet Union has delivered to Africa for many millions not denominated rubles – this included economic assistance, the staffing of the African armies of different kind of weapons. American experts have estimated that from 1965 to 1974, the size of such inflows rose to $ 3.3 billion.

Who and what helped

Massive military support was provided, mainly Angola and Ethiopia, however, and many other African countries with which the USSR had installedENES diplomatic relations also actively received Soviet weapons. Increased number of Soviet military specialists, was present on the African continent. In 70-e years of the Soviet Union Angola, Ethiopia and Somalia were granted the right to use ports and airfields in Tropical Africa, and by the end of this decade, Soviet naval vessels already stationed in the waters of the “black continent”. The local interests of the Union in relation to the countries of Africa in terms of political influence decided fairly quickly – Angola, Ethiopia, Egypt, Mozambique, and other less important countries “black continent”. In varying degrees the Soviet Union for a long time, gave them military and economic assistance. But in the end the whole thing came down to the fact that with the fall of the Soviet Empire (and sometimes before) had collapsed and the African Communist puppet regimes. The political situation in the rebellious African countries has varied, regardless of the willingness of Soviet “elder brothers” to defend a particular point: from the Soviet Union sometimes has little depended – the US is also on alert.

Why are we left out

In armed conflicts taking place in Africa for 30 years, participated as a third party assistants hundreds of Soviet military advisers, current soldiers and officers of different arms of the service. Several dozen of them died. With the change of the political situation in African countries Soviet troops left the region. The Soviet Union lost its influence in Africa. For what our compatriots gave their lives for 70 – 90 years – these questions today and ask veterans of local conflicts, the details of which are still classified. Buried under the canopy of centuries and billions of dollars that the USSR vbuhali in the unrealized dream of a Communist African States.

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