If Bikinis and swim shorts, evening wear or “athletic chic”: To cross, passengers are restricted rides usually hardly what concerns the choice of wardrobe. However, a specific piece of clothing you should avoid on the cruise because you could be taken for solid or high fines to pay.

These clothes you should to Caribbean cruises not to wear

of Course you should not appear to be on a cruise ship, not necessarily in flip-flops and a Bikini for dinner, but otherwise, the choice of dress is on the cruise most of the passengers.

However, some cross to Wear Camouflage journeys-Patterns. Because to certain destinations, including many Caribbean Islands, it is forbidden to Wear the camouflage.

Antigua Barbados Jamaica Grenada Trinidad and Tobago

In respect of Trinidad and Tobago, the Foreign office: “the military writes a similar camouflage clothing of any kind and color (Camouflage) is reserved according to the law, the military. Import, purchase, possession and sale are punishable by a fine in addition to confiscation of the clothes.”

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Similarly, in the Caribbean state of Grenada: clothing and other things with Camouflage patterns are also reserved to the military. In case of violation, will face prison sentences of up to one year or a monetary penalty in the amount of 10,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars, so the equivalent of about 3.240 Euro.

travels who according to the Portal to Zimbabwe and in the Oman, do not wear Camouflage pattern, there this is also illegal and could have bad consequences. The Website of the UK government even warns: “It is a criminal Offence for everyone, including children, to wear camouflage clothing.”

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passengers on a cruise should check so be sure on the local laws and customs, if you are creating on Land, because otherwise, serious problems would have to be expected. On country-specific regulations, travelers can get on the Website of each cruise line, as well as the foreign office is smart.

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