News from 20. February 2019, 8.21 PM: Matthijs de Ligt is Reportedly for two years, on the note of the squad planner of the FC Bayern. Last him to have a sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic in the Champions League even personally observed (News vom 15. February 2019).

According to Sport Bild-information, the young Dutchman a commitment to the Isar quite imagine. The captain of Ajax Amsterdam was set accordingly, not to a transfer to FC Barcelona.

could be a Problem, however, will be de Ligts current employer. Ajax calls, as we Heard, far in excess of 60 million euros for its young star. Whether Bayern are willing to invest for a 19-Year-old so much money, may be doubted.

in Spite of the violent advances: Brazzo, the next Young Star slip through the cracks?

News from the 15. February 2019, 11: 29 PM: Hasan Salihamidzic, on Wednesday, took perhaps the long trip to Amsterdam, only for him to come closer. Ajax captain Matthijs de Ligt is one of Europe’s most sought-after talents on the Central defender Position.

What like a of de Ligts colleagues following the Champions League match against Real Madrid (1:2) in the note blocks, the Reporter dictated, is expected to “Brazzo”.

“He would also like to go to Barcelona”, Ajax-quotes-Keeper Andre Onana from the Spanish sports media Mundo Deportivo. The final man of the Dutch tradition of clubs refers to in his statement with the “also” on another player. That midfield man Frenkie de Jong will switch to the Catalans, already evidenced for several weeks. To him, FC Bayern have also shown interest.

FC Barcelona advertises intensively in order to De Ligts services, is no more news. Last of the Spanish Top club, drove back his efforts significantly (see message from the 26. December 2018).

move to Bayern? Now Matthijs de speaks Lies and makes a club happy

News from the 10. January 2019, 10.37 PM: Who will catch the Dutch super talent Matthijs de Ligt? The answer makes a club happy with His current employers, Ajax Amsterdam.

The 19-Year-old, wearing in the case of Ajax, the captain’s armband, has revealed in an Interview with Dutch broadcaster NOS that he will stay at least until the summer in Amsterdam. “There will be no farewell to Winter, no. The Ajax Fans have nothing to Worry about.“ The reason for this de called the Ligt. “We want to win titles and for that we need everyone,” said the Central defender.

How to do it in the summer, said de Ligt. Been no shortage of rumours about the Dutch national players. In addition to the FC Bayern, FC Barcelona, Juventus Turin, Manchester City and Paris St. Germain, the Youngster.

transfer rumor: AC to FC Bayern? FC Barcelona is a distance of Matthijs de Ligt

News from the 26. December 2018, 16:43: A change of Matthijs de Ligt of the Spanish champion FC Barcelona has been discussed in the past few months, always hot. The Catalans were regarded as probably the toughest rival of Bayern Munich in the battle for the obligation of the Defensive gem. However, the Spaniard could have to the recent events from the race for the 19-Year-old adopted.

Ligt of The reason for the withdrawal relates to the infamous consultants of Matthijs de. The Dutchman is, in the same way as Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a protege of Mino Raiola, who through his Negotiation methods earlier caused a stir. In the case of de Ligt Raiola plans, the defender to the highest bidder to convey to the Association and to place only secondary emphasis on other factors. A tactic which the FC Barcelona is probably duly against the grain.

Barcelona Ligt out of the race for de?

According to the Mundo Deportivo will want to the Catalans not in a bidding war for the Youngster to participate. The Spanish Champions would move away from a commitment. The Chance for FC Bayern? Although this would be eliminated with Barcelona a payment a strong competitor for an obligation of a Central defender, with Clubs such as PSG or Juventus Turin real (financial) giants of European football but remain in the race.

Should do the Munich to Hasan Salihamidzic really seriously with a commitment by de Ligt, so you might have to dig very deep into the bag, the competition surpass on the transfer market. But at least they have according to the most recent developments, a competitors less.

No hope for FC Bayern? De Ligts statements have a sobering effect

News from the 18. December 2018, 10.15 PM:The award of the “Golden Boy of 2018” was different than in past year not in an offensive artists, but to Matthijs de Ligt of his character, the Central defender at Ajax. Not only is he the first Central defender at all, which was awarded as the best U-21 player in Europe, but also one of the sought-after talents in the top football. FC Bayern shows since a long time interest in the young Dutchman and he would lotzen to the Isar. But it could be more difficult, as the Bayern bosses would like.

De Ligt was delighted with the award: “It’s great when you can get as a defensive player this coveted prize. I’m happy that I was the first player on this Position am, the wins,“ will focus on the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid. “It will be a difficult Match against the best Team in the world, but we are confident. We can beat our qualityen show the whole world.“ The exchange speculation he does not want to participate, however: “I don’t think about the transfer window. I focus entirely on the present. I don’t think of the possibility to leave Ajax, and I think about it, what League in the future I could play.“, he said on the sidelines of the award ceremony in Turin. On the question of the channel “Sky Sport Italia” whether he would play in the future, rather in addition to Messi or Ronaldo, he replied confidently: “I prefer to play with Ziyech at Ajax.” Whether Bayern can convince the young star in the end, remains more open.

Matthijs de Ligt: Ajax-jewel is not coming to Bayern Munich – at least not in the Winter

News from the 18. December 2018, 08.05 PM: FC Bayern should do better no hopes of a change in the Ajax-jewels of Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong – at least not in the winter break. The the Club is now in clear words, make it clear.

“no, no, no! This is a no. We will not sell any players in the middle of the season, not a Chance,” said Ajax’s managing Director Edwin van der Sar the channel ESPN. “If you have financial difficulties, you can think about something like that, but for us, this is not an issue.”

Given the qualification of Ajax for the Champions League first knockout round, a perfectly coherent point of view. Remains open, of course, what will happen after the end of the season…

Matthijs de Ligt of the FC Bayern? Two Top clubs are better chances of

News vom 13. December 2018: Changes Ajax-jewel Matthijis de Ligt to FC Bayern Munich? On the question, whether on the part of the German championship record-holders interest in the interior, there would be a defender of Ajax Amsterdam, and player Frenkie de Jong, answered sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic on Wednesday evening at Sky: “Both are good players and have made a great game. We need to see what we need. We are going to analyze in tranquility, but the transfer market is exciting.“

Both actors are set with some of the Top European clubs. In de Ligt adds: According to the picture of the Dutch national team player and his Advisor, Barry Hulshoff supervised supported unofficially by Mino Raiola (including Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marco Verratti, and Romelu Lukaku).

Due to the good relations of the 51-year-old agent to Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain both of these clubs should have the Ligt better chances of getting a commitment from de as FC Bayern. As the release of at least 60 million euros are therefore in the conversation.

Poker to Matthijs de Ligt: Ajax coach Eric ten Hag power FC Bayern Munich is little hope

News from the 28. November 2018: What will happen in the summer, at FC Bayern? President Uli Hoeness had announced a major shopping tour, Bayern chief scout Laurent Busser observed numerous players in Europe. Among the potential transfer targets Ajax-Talent Matthijs de Ligt. In the case of the low-countries, makes no secret of the interest in the Central defender. Also his team-mate Frenkie de Jong is the focus of Munich.

So you are not the Only ones. To sports image Ajax Coach Eric ten Hag said: “All the Top 6 clubs in Europe are behind Matthijs and Frenkie. I would like to keep still for a long time at Ajax. But I’m not a dreamer.“

Ten Hag, who has trained from 2013 to 2015, the second guard of the FCB, would recommend its players a change to the Säbener Strasse, but also emphasizes: “I can say Bavaria, but also All the Top clubs are interested in them. And there are no exit clauses. The price of Ajax. This gives the club, at least financially, a piece of planning security.“

Ajax expected, according to the sports newspaper with a sale of the Duo proceeds of 150 million euros. A proud penny. If the German record Champions will try for this amount, in fact, to lure both of them to Munich, is questionable. After all, there is, especially on the wings and on the outside defender position to act. Rather, it is conceivable that the FCB are increasingly keen only to de Ligt. However, since the competition is great. As the winner of this Poker’s Ajax Amsterdam out. Because while Europe’s Elite outbidding each other, can sit the low countries, first of all, relaxed.

the FC Bayern Has the Look? Matthijs de Ligt dined with Barca Boss

News from the 27. November 2018: 19 years, he is just young. Nevertheless, Matthijs may have de Ligt already 84 games for Ajax Amsterdam. Since this season, the Central defender is even a captain in the low countries. With his rapid rise de Ligt has aroused a great desire. Again and again the FC Bayern Munich has been linked with the Defensive Talent. Favorite to a commitment in the summer of another European at the moment seems to be heavy weight.

+ Had a lot of fun: Matthijs de Ligt at the press conference before the match of the Dutch national team against Germany.© picture alliance/dpa / Ina Fassbender

reported Because, as the Spanish radio station Catalunya Radio, the FC Barcelona about the commitment of de Ligt bring under one roof. According to the report, has met with Barca sports Director of the Éric Abidal on the last Wednesday in Amsterdam with the players for dinner. The goal: to convince De Ligt to switch to the Camp Nou.

the contract of The Dutch national player is still running until 2024. In addition to Barca and FC Bayern Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus are considered to be interested parties.

Telltale Grin? De Ligt is asked about transfer rumours

News from the 20. November 2018: At press conferences is often the most important, what is not said. This was also the case for the question round of the Dutch national team before the game in the Nations Cup against Germany. As the Amsterdam Mega-Talent, Matthijs de Ligt took to the Podium, it didn’t take long to him to a Reporter about the rumors of the respondents, tying him with FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund.

Matthijs de was allowed to Answer the question not Involved. Hardly the 19-year-old defensive player, had suppressed a Smile, went in between the press man of the Dutch national team. “Please ask only questions about the game against Germany and not to transfer rumors,” he said strictly. De Ligt smiled again briefly. “Excuse me,” he says with a wide Grin.

Ajax Amsterdam should have set a price of 60 million euros for de Ligt. In addition to the FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, FC Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester City are considered to be candidates for a change.

Ajax Amsterdam price for Matthijs de Ligt fixed

News from the 2. February 2018: a Long time it was quiet by Matthijs de Ligt of Ajax Amsterdam in the group stage of the Champions League, Yes, opponents of FC Bayern. The 19-Year-old is captain of the Dutchman and will be acted for some time as a possible FCB new arrival. Now Ajax is supposed to have an announcement regarding a transfer fee made, as should have always asked for more clubs to de Ligt.

such As the Spanish “Mundo Deportivo” reported, has provided the Association the jewel in the crown, which is still up to 2024 under the contract, with a price tag of 60 million Euro. Previously, it was always read by 50 million euros. A change in the winter break, however, is excluded. “The probability that he will switch in January, is at zero percent,” said Ajax sports Director Marc Overmars.

in addition to the FC Bayern, FC Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester City as a prospective Matthijs de apply Ligt.

News from the 10. May 2018:

It does seems to be what is Involved in terms of Matthijs de. As reported by De Telegraaf, wants to leave the Youngster in his club Ajax Amsterdam in the summer. The should have made de Ligt the person responsible is now clear.

now is the hour of the FC Bayern? The record Champions should have been the sensor after the first 18-year-old defensive leader of the Dutch tradition of clubs stretched out. De Ligts contract with Ajax runs until 2024 – but he should leave his current club in fact, early on, allowed Amsterdam to be expected with a not insignificant transfer fee – his market value is around 25 million euros. According to the newspaper, the Ajax bosses to ponder now about whether it makes sense to keep the Mega Talent against their will in the capital.

News from the 19. April 2018:

advance personnel planning by the FC Bayern? After Leon Goretzka and Serge Gnabry to be enticed with Matthijs de Ligt of Ajax Amsterdam for the next Talent at the Säbener Straße. Now Mundo Deportivo reports that sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic done most of the defenders, and even an offer for him. The 18-Year-old will also be of Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United courted, but they would have deposited all of them with no bids. How much is the pay for the Youngster to. However, it is speculated that a transfer fee of about 50 million.

News from the 17. April 2018:

Ajax Amsterdam is a big Name, no question. But the Dutch are not currently found on the big European stage. As it is, while the countries stand out play. Matthijs de Ligt, a defender from Ajax, has the 3:0 of the Elftal against Portugal on 26. March, a decent performance is shown. The 18-Year-old is regarded as a new Virgil van Dijk. FC Bayern Munich have cast an eye on the Youngster.

However, the Arsenal FC and Manchester City is behind the defensive man. As the Mirror noted, is to Ajax request a minimum of 50 million euros, and the market value according to now at 25 million euros. Pep Guardiola’s City should have the nose of the young Dutchman at the front. The Treaty of de Ligt runs until 2024. “I’m going to make a decision with my head, not how much I earn,” said the defender. His salary should be roughly 780.000 euros a year. “I earn a lot of money, compared with normal people,” said de Ligt.

News from the 22. January 2018:

Long months it was Ligt, the personnel Matthijs de, in conjunction with the FC Bayern. But apparently, the Scouts of FC Bayern have not forgotten the now 18-year-old defender from Ajax Amsterdam, on the contrary, As the Dutch sports daily AD reported, were at the weekend, scouts of FC Bayern at the top of the Eredivisie between Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord Rotterdam (2:0). As the newspaper writes, the guests from Munich, very enthusiastic about the performance and the entire occurrence of the super talent.

De Ligt has extended in the summer of his contract at Ajax until 2024 and currently has a market value of 16 million Euro ( His tribe club he doesn’t want to leave yet: “I’m staying, I can tell already. It also happens with nothing in the Background. I don’t think that this month is a Sheikh with a Sack full of money comes around the corner,“ said de Ligt recently at Elf Voetbal.

This child Prodigy have Bayern in the sights

Munich – With the obligation of Niklas Süle and Serge Gnabry, the FC Bayern Munich wants to set the course for the future. Now the people of Munich have taken a football Talent into the sight: Matthijs de Ligt of Ajax Amsterdam. With its 17 years, the super talent has already written history. The Central defender was with its use in the Europe League final against Manchester United (0:2) the youngest player ever in a European Cup final on the court.

How to get Sport Bild reported, flew to Bavaria’s Technical Director and chief scout Michael Reschke to the Europa League final to Stockholm to see the Ajax defender in action. Reschke is the squad planner of the German record champion and decide who moves on to the Säbener Strasse, and who is not. The 59-Year-old has brought in players such as Mats Hummels, Joshua Kimmich, Kingsley Coman or Renato Sanches to the Isar.

Matthijs dit seizoen in de Eredivisie!⚽ @mdeligt_

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transfer rumour: de Ligt

Ajax Amsterdam de managed Ligt early in his breakthrough and made in the shortest time European Top-clubs. Bayern should already have “a few fingers” on the 17-Year-old Central defender who’s still tied to 2019, to Ajax Amsterdam. The Teenager is considered to be one of the biggest Defensive talents in Europe. The Youngster is in the defense area can be used flexibly, also on the six-Position of the beidfüßige high-Flyer can play.

made His debut in the Dutch Eredivisie gave Ligt in November of the previous year, and subsequently completed ten more League games and shot as the defender scored two goals. Four months later, the super talent made his debut for the Dutch national team in the world Cup qualifying game against Bulgaria.

Ajax Amsterdam, mijn hele leven lang❤

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transfer rumour: de Ligt leaves Ajax, probably no later than 2018

The rapid development of de Ligts not escaped the attention of Bayern. The question is whether Bayern can give the shooting star enough playing time. After all, the Bavarians have strengthened the centre of defence for the upcoming season of naming. In addition to the world meisterduo Mats Hummels and Jérôme Boateng and Javi Martinez, Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti to draw from next season to new signing Niklas Süle.

For the young Oranje-Star, it will be initially difficult in a squad to enforce. The Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam, he is likely to leave at the latest in the coming year. In addition to the Bayern nor Chelsea London, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund are to be tuned.

transfer rumours and News: Which player brings the FC Bayern Munich in 2017?



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