Why did Hitler call of the Cossacks descendants of the Aryans

History 20/03/20 Why did Hitler call of the Cossacks descendants of the Aryans

In December 1942 the German Reich Ministry for the Eastern territories, headed by former Russian citizen Alfred Rosenberg, officially declared that Cossacks are descendants of the Germanic people – ready. On this basis, the Cossacks were not Slavs showed up, full of racial, deserve to form your armed forces for the joint with the Reich against Bolshevism, and also to have their own state under the great German protectorate. The immediate reason for this decision was the sharp deterioration of the situation on the southern wing of the front the German troops and the desire to have them here for strong, hostile rear. And what was the historical Foundation for such a Declaration?

As you know, in ancient times, in the III-IV centuries BC, in the steppes of the black sea, lived the German people are ready. According to German historians, he was dominated and formed a powerful Empire. More precisely, even two empires. The Goths were divided into Western (Visigoths) and Eastern (Ostrogoths). The Visigoths lived from the lower Danube to the lower Dnieper, and the Ostrogoths – East of the lower Dnieper. The Eastern limit of the settlement of the Ostrogoths exactly unknown. Territory can be described as the sea of Azov. So with some reservations we can say that the Ostrogoths occupied a small part of the territory where subsequently arose the don Cossacks. But for the political doctrine that small part was enough.

But this “justification” did not arise out of nowhere, and vosemnadtsatiletiya line “continuity” of the Cossacks from the ready had something to eat. It is known that in the Seven years ‘ war the Prussian army of Frederick II “the Great” fought against Russia a detachment of Cossacks. It was the Cossacks, against which at that time, the Russian Imperial government pursued a policy of elimination of their traditional freedoms. Left a mark in the memory of the Germans in 1918 when they came to don and helped the don Cossacks in their revolt against the Soviet authorities, and the Cossacks, in turn, for some time been an important strategic factor in the presence of the Imperial army in the East.

Since 1941, the Cossacks, dissatisfied with the Soviet power, again reminded of itself. On 22 August 1941 on the side of Germany went along with his regiment (436-m small), the Soviet major Ivan Nikitich Kononov. In the USSR he was a graduate of the Academy of Frunze, a member of the CPSU(b) already in 1927, for their achievements during the war with Finland was awarded the order of red banner. In captivity, he declared himself a descendant of the repressed Cossacks and became a kind of “Cossack Vlasov” even before the Germans crossed the Vlasov.

the Germans took Kononov allowed to ride on the pow camps and to recruit part of the security of the volunteers of Cossack origin. So, by September 19 was formed in the Wehrmacht 120th Cossack regiment composed of 77 officers and 1799 privates. Some sources claim that those wishing to volunteer were five times more (and no wonder, given the conditions in German camps for Soviet prisoners of war). The regiment existed semi-legally, and in April 1942, on the eve of the offensive into the Caucasus, Hitler legalized the existence of the Cossack units in the Wehrmacht.

Joining the North Caucasus in August 1942, the Germans began there to experiment with the collaborationist Cossack state, local government and the Cossack police. In December 1942, was announced and referred to the official doctrine Rosenberg of Cossacks-Goths. And in January, 1944, in Germany in the journal “SS-Leitheft” with the signature of Adolf Hitler was published a curious essay, “the Cossacks. German traces in the East,” in which an unknown writer of the Fuhrer (perhaps it was Rosenberg) was claimed, in particular, the following:

“Russian historians claim that the laste death Ermanaric Eastern Goths went to the West. In three major campaigns against the Huns nomads they (Eastern Goths) did not participate. In reality, a large portion of the ready continued to stay on the territory of the North Caucasus. Weakened, they were no longer able to establish their own state. The remaining historical monuments there are direct references to the fact that the Turks after the capture of the Crimea found near the city of Colegas Gothic settlement in which the inhabitants spoke the German language. This proves the fact that after the death of Ermanaric the West left only a limited number ready.

the Vikings and the Vikings founded Kievan Empire. It is also likely that in 1000 g. they founded off the coast of the Black sea, the Principality of Tmutarakan. These same Normans were in the Byzantine Empire. From Prince Mstislav of Tmutarakan, we learn that in 1022, he conquers Koshanov (Cossacks), and those in turn are mixed with the inhabitants of Tmutarakan. At the same time in this territory East of the Black sea, a Empire of the Khazars. The extensive territories in which the Mongoloid peoples of the East fought with the Aryans of the West, are representatives of the Nordic and Dinaric races. Thus, Russian historians believe that all traces of the Germanic peoples (baskaru, scary, rugeri, Goths, Normans) are completely lost. However, it is not so.

In the XI century on the territory of Zaporozhye and don Cossacks appear. Who predecessors, is still unknown. Although Russian historians claim different (they think that the Cossacks were pure Slavs, the Cossacks referred to the descendants of the Huns or Pechenegs), the external racial characteristics clearly indicate that the Cossacks – is the product mix of Nordic and Dinaric races. Obviously something lost in the desert the Germanic peoples mixed with the Slavs and other Aryan and Caucasian peoples. Hence, there is a group of militant Koshanov (Cossacks – a later designation)”.

This text in sufficient detail draws racial-historical “conception” in which the Nazis linked the origin of the Cossacks with the Goths. As you can see, it announced the Goths not the only ancestors of the Cossacks – those still considered to be a mixed people, and among the ancestors of the Cossacks appear, including the Slavs. However, at the time of publication of this funny article Wehrmacht had already lost all the territory of the Cossack.

Yaroslav Butakov

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