Why Hitler gave 100 thousand marks per head of Yuri Levitan

Biography 12/03/20 Why Hitler gave 100 thousand marks per head of Yuri Levitan

Despite his thin build, Yuri Levitan differed from childhood is deep and expressive voice. Thanks to his talent in his youth he gets on the radio, where initially trust him to read out short messages in the night air.

One of these messages on the radio to hear Stalin, radically changing the future of the legendary speaker. After the first reading of the report to the party Congress, Levitan was appointed as the chief speaker of the country. He was only 19 years old, but already at this age he read the most important documents. Everyone knows the phrase “Attention! Moscow says!” forced the Soviet man to listen to the essence of his message. Unique in its timbre, Levitan’s voice was familiar to everyone. Even those who were born already after disintegration of the Soviet Union, recognize its expressive and deep flavor. Of course, the official message about the Germans attacked also read it and subsequently leads Sovinformburo, informing people about the events on the fronts. His voice throughout the war motivates people to victory, lifting spirits and instilling in them the faith.

Levitan – a personal enemy of Hitler

For the Soviet people voice of Levitan was enduring symbol of freedom. In Berlin rather quickly reacted and interpreted the message of the speaker as a powerful information weapon. Originally, stepping on the Soviet Union, Hitler hoped for a very quick victory. In the first days of the offensive, Goebbels announced to the Fuehrer the idea that the victory of Germany must report it Levitan. The decision to kidnap the speaker was made almost instantly. But apparently not sued. Soviet forces offered strong resistance, shattering Hitler’s dream of an unimpeded victory. Listening to reports of Levitan, Hitler was aware of what a terrible power of his voice. Soon the Fuhrer gives the order to Destroy it. Levitan becomes Hitler’s personalragom, evidenced by many of the archival documents. For the destruction of the speaker appoints the Fuhrer a huge reward – in different sources, this amount ranges from 250 to 100 000 DM. Along with the announcement of the awarding of the head Levitan, the German commanders develop plans and sabotage, putting all their efforts to destroy Soviet speaker.

But the Soviet regime religiously guard Yury Borisovich, clearly aware of how valuable it is for the Soviet people. It was assigned to guard around the clock which carried their service. Hitler’s plan to capture Levitan did not work – already in may ‘ 45 great Soviet announcer says about the victory of our people over German invaders.

Postwar years

After the victory of Yuri on the radio began to appear less often. Considering that it is the voice of Soviet citizens associated with the tragic events, the user is almost removed him from the airs. He has appeared regularly in television programmes and worked a lot with young interns.

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