Why Israeli women in the military is forbidden to participate in real battles

Another 25/02/20 public domainПочему Israeli women military is forbidden to participate in the actual fighting

the Israeli army has a worldwide reputation as the most equitable of the armed forces in the world: after all, there as men are, and women. However, the apparent complete from the outside, this equality is not absolute. Women for various reasons (including fears of demographic losses) are mainly in the safe areas. They work in the computer Department, as secretaries, in intelligence (remote), in units equipped with modern weapons, which allow not to enter into direct combat contact with the enemy, do not see it with my own eyes. So they can participate in the elimination of terrorist safe way for themselves. From the very beginning (1950s) women in the Israeli army, he served mainly in rear units were engaged in administrative work, perform a supporting function. The number of available women of the armed forces and parts expanded gradually, as the army increased and intensified the shortage of men. Today, Israeli ladies open almost all military specialties, with the exception of particularly dangerous and associated with poor conditions and heavy physical loads (such as armor or special forces). In all other equality – first of all, the size of the salary and the benefits (women have them even more; for example, srochniy have the right to refuse service).

the Journalist Hyun Artzi-Surur published in the newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” in March 2018 criticisms of the Israeli army expressed by scientists, sociologists, Dr. Meital Eran-Yona and Dr. Karnit pagan. Women, themselves formerly employed in the military, said that true equality between men and women in the army, never was, and the leadership of the army mostly uses women as a means of PR. Eran-Yona says that the difference betweendo “normal” rear parts (where women are) and the front-line combat units “is intended to preserve the high status of men in the military hierarchy”.

According to the army regulations, many women may not exceed 6% of the total number of soldiers in frontline units, and even there they serve in the most secure positions. Thus, women’s participation in the fighting battles are virtually eliminated. Sociologists believe this is done for the sake of preserving male superiority and oppose “discriminatory” idea that women reduce the quality of combat units, and only some of them (the exceptional physical and moral qualities) can serve equally with men. There is another objection to the employment of women on the front lines – the danger of rape when getting captured. Eran-Yona and Padan recognize that for women the risk is higher, but notice that raped and captured men.

But most women (and even more sracinec) does not want to be at the forefront, for them there are many places in the army where you can serve with total commitment and on a par with men. The only difference is at low risk for life. Until the army is revising its approach to the manning of combat units – equality is important, but the goal of the army in another victory in the war. And the rules seem discriminatory, but in fact promote the efficiency of the army, no one cancels, since they are developed based on rich combat experience and allow you to win.

However, as indicated by Zarah Gelman (NVO – “Independent military review”, 26.05.2017), women were gradually attracted, and will continue to attract more and more sophisticated military specialties, paired with a considerable hardships. Discussed the idea of recruiting women in military tank crews, where possible, their direct clash with enemy fighters. So far, in combat operations the participation of women prevalent only in aviation (25-30% in each unit). Constantly improve the conditions for further advancement of women in military service, andMackie structure it’s official. The Department of information and publications of the Israeli armed forces had prepared in 2011 brochure “service in the Israel Defense forces”. In a special section about women authors (L. Fiks, I. Sheetrit) stated that “in recent years there have been dramatic changes in the status of women in the armed forces”. The goal is increasing the involvement of women in the various armed forces, and the special Adviser on women soldiers in control of “observance of equal opportunities” in the army. If this field advances will be made, soon it will be possible to observe how the Israeli lady soldiers, hand to hand fighting with the enemies of his country.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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