Said-Magomed said: why do they call him

Heroes 08/02/20 said-Magomed said: why do they call him “the Chechen terminator”

said was one of the most active leaders of Chechen armed formations, acting on the part of Federal troops in the First Chechen campaign. He initially “did not change”, has never fought on the side of the separatists. Because of this “Chechen terminator” repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to kill.

as a result, the Hero of Russia, who survived multiple plastic and other surgery, was like late Salman Raduyev.


mostly public biography of the Hero of Russia said-Magomed Shmaevich Kakiev, holder of two orders of Courage awarded to the defense Ministry two personal pistols, based on the facts reported by him in an interview with Russian media. With journalists, he spoke willingly.

the army said the study in Grozny vocational school, served in Nagorno-Karabakh (1989 – 1991), an urgent service came in the period of the Karabakh conflict. After demobilization returned home.

Himself said in an interview with “AIF” and talked about the fact that he initially did not accept the regime of Dzhokhar Dudayev, established in Chechnya in early 90-ies, and immediately organized in his native Nadterechny district of the armed group, headed by Umar Avturkhanov, one of the prominent figures antijudaism movement of the Republic.

Battle wounds

Details of the first active antijudaism counter Kakiev, the consequences of which was the cause of legends about the “Chechen terminator”, is known again from the words of said-Magomed, he reported this case repeatedly told the media.

In particular, in conversation with the journalist of “Argumenty I Fakty” said-Magomed said said that the assassination of Dzhokhar Dudayev his 23-year-old Chechen, a former army Sergeant of a reconnaissance company, in 1993, “the Almighty has vouchsafed, of His voice.” With the said partnerom had intended to hit the newly-minted leader of Ichkeria from a hand grenade. Chose an opportune moment – the rally in the center of Grozny. But the “tube” of the RPG-5 exploded because of defective ammunition. Other Kakiev standing nearby (according to the memoirs of the “Chechen terminator”, he shot first) and as a result killed, and kakava explosion disfigured.


the Details of this attack are known, again, in the words of said-Magomed, other sources. Kakieto then severed his left hand, smashed left eye and blew the nasal septum. Multiple shards have still not learned – so says the said. According to him, he then was transferred to Moscow, where doctors had to return the victim to life.

said in an interview argues that it is quite long and meticulously “collected” in one of the Arbat clinics of plastic surgery.

“Terminator”, according to Russian media reports, Bakieva became known Chechen children after the return of the enemy Dudayev in Chechnya – he by that time had two prosthetic left hand and eye. The said, “the most sonorous on the amount of metal a citizen of the Chechen Republic,” as he himself described, struggled to overcome customs terminals because of the large number of fragments left after the explosion.

With one bullet from the environment

the formation of said-Magomed Kakiev who fought in the First Chechen campaign, was unrecognized by Federal troops (this has been noted himself said). The said said that their troops, who fought against the Dudayev regime, were in the vanguard of Federal troops in the battles for Grozny in 1994-1996. But they, according to him, was repeatedly betrayed by his own, Chechens. In 1994, the squad Kakiev seized the Grozny television station, but to keep him could not, had to retreat, losing 80 associates.

But most of all, and more, in a media interview Hero of Russia talks about the battle for Grozny in August 1996. According to said-Magomed Kakiev, his squad fought with Dudaevname for two weeks offline, communications with the feds, almost was not. Squad Kakiev then defended one of the buildings in the capital of Chechnya, the forces were unequal, to expect help was nowhere. The commander ordered to retreat. Said the left one, with “Stechkin” with a single round in the cage, a few days out to “the feds” (in his words). His men then heloizy killed and immured in concrete. The said told, later found and buried the dead, among whom were “the brothers cuddled up before death.”


Legalized as a fighter against “illegal Chechen armed gangs” Saeed said in 1999 – officially entered service in the Russian army. From the beginning zero said the public voted in October 2002-a presidential decree awarded the title Hero of Russia.

Information about when and for what Kakiev awarded two orders of Courage, no. There is information about the numerous assassination attempts organized by Chechen rebels. But the details of the attacks spoke again, he said-Magomed.

a month after the assignment of the title of Hero of Russia Colonel Kakiev appointed commander of the special forces of the GRU “the West”.

Since 2007, said serving in the military Commissariat of Chechnya, engaged in military-Patriotic education of youths.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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