Why Lenin wanted to remove Stalin from the post of Secretary General

History 24/03/20 Why Lenin wanted to remove Stalin from the post of Secretary General

the Nature of the relationship between Stalin and Lenin was a complex and ambiguous – the leader of the Bolsheviks appreciated Joseph Stalin for the quality of the business and with it condemned for selfishness.

Perhaps one of the closest political entourage Lenin cannot compete with Stalin in terms of impact on Vladimir Lenin – it is a conflict with Koba in the end contributed to the deterioration of health of the leader, and hastened his death.

the Supporters

he Met Stalin and Lenin in December 1905 in Finland at the first conference of the RSDLP. Both were by the time of experienced revolutionaries. After the February revolution was accomplished, Stalin briefly led RSDLP (Lenin back from exile), actively advocated the overthrow of the Provisional government.

After the victory in the October revolution, Stalin – Lenin-headed member of the CPC. Gradually, he becomes one of several key political characters that were part of the entourage of the new leader of the country. He is a member of the inner party struggle against Kamenev, Zinoviev and Trotsky that Lenin, too, had an uneasy relationship.

up To 20-ies of Lenin and Stalin did not openly conflict – and Lenin and Stalin were quite secretive people.

what did you fight about Lenin and Stalin?

it’s No secret that Lenin always valued Stalin as an employee, considered him a man of his word. Beginning in 1920 Vladimir Ilyich’s health deteriorated. Fearing for his condition, Lenin, Stalin asked “if anything” to get and pass the poison – the leader was convinced that Stalin in this respect you can rely on.

according to the sister of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, M. I., some signs of dissatisfaction with the behavior of Stalin, Lenin had already been in conversations with close relatives of the leader is called the berat the stupid. However, when complications of Lenin’s illness Stalin visited him more often than others supporters of the party.

In December 1922 an incident occurred which radically and forever changed the attitude of Lenin to Stalin as a person.

Lenin once had protected it from political information, so that any experiences are not exacerbated his condition. The curator of the treatment process leader Joseph Stalin learned that Lenin’s wife, N. K. Krupskaya still leads with her husband of the conversation on political topics. In a fit of rage Stalin rudely rebuked Krupskaya on the telephone, do not hesitate in expressions.

Krupskaya was very upset by that conversation. M. I. Ulyanova recalled that Nadezhda Konstantinovna was howling and rolling on the floor. This story is late, but still came to Lenin. Having furious, Lenin asked Stalin in writing to apologize, otherwise threatened to break off relations with him. Stalin then apologized, wondering at the fact that the problem of dowry too much importance.

Lenin’s Testament

a few days after this conflict, Lenin dictated the famous “Letter to Congress”, which is also called political Testament Lenin. One of the items it wishes to remove Stalin from the post of Secretary General of the party, because Joseph Stalin by that time concentrated in his hands an immense power, and not the fact that he will be able to dispose of it properly. Lenin criticized Stalin’s rudeness.

It was the latest attempt to weaken the position of Stalin, Lenin made, and success it has not crowned: the letter was read at the Congress of the RCP(b) in may 1924, but for the resignation of Stalin, the majority did not vote.

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