Why Stalin did not believe in the news of Hitler's death in 1945

History 23/03/20 Why Stalin did not believe in the news of Hitler’s death in 1945,

may 1, 1945 Georgy Zhukov in the telephone message told Stalin, perhaps, the most long-awaited for all the war years news. Four typewritten pages was the circumstances of the suicide of Hitler. The first reaction of the leader of the people was joy. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Stalin seems to be saying: “got you, you rascal. It is a pity that failed to take him alive!”. But almost immediately questioned and asked – did you find the body?

Stalin’s doubts

Doubt the Supreme was understandable and completely justified — after all, no bugs, nor anyone else from the Soviet command never seen the corpse of the Fuehrer, nor even the place of his death — the Tiergarten and the Government quarter where Hitler’s bunker, by the beginning of may was still in the hands of the Germans. And all the evidence of suicide has been in an indirect manner. According to the memoirs of Vasily Chuikov, whose troops acted on the front in the Berlin operation, in the early morning of may 1 at the command of his army arrived, General Krebs, head of the land forces of the Wehrmacht. He handed the letter to Chuikov from Goebbels, which was a message about the death of the Fuhrer and the offer of a truce from the new command of the Reich.

Zhukov writes in his “Memoirs and reflections”, this letter formed the basis of the telephone message sent by the Supreme commander. Offer Goebbels armistice was rejected — further conversations Stalin was ready to negotiate on a full and unconditional surrender. Suspicions aroused and the words Krebs that the new German government does not plan to announce the death of the Fuhrer. This is explained by the fact that situation can take advantage Himmler, shortly before it fell into disgrace. Despite the fact that the Reich was already doomed, it continued bickering for power.

TASS is authorized to declare…

After the rejection of surrender in Berlin, the operation was continued. Was a mass surrender of German units captured. None of the top could not to prevent this. And therefore the Krebs and Goebbels, and many other representatives of the German command chose suicide. 2 may, Germany announced Hitler’s death. But while the allies were jubilant, Moscow has taken a wait. On the orders of Stalin, the TASS reported the news, but put it into question, saying that there is no corpse, no other objective evidence, and it is possible that everything is just the trick that “German Nazis, obviously, I hope to give Hitler the opportunity to leave the stage and go into hiding”.

Despite the fact that may 5, the alleged remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were discovered, placed in the hands of SMERSH and sent to the study, confirmed their authenticity, Stalin seems to be the end of his life did not believe that his Nemesis is dead. In conversations with confidants, representatives of the American and British governments, he repeatedly suggested that Hitler escaped to Spain or Argentina.

Perhaps it was the fact that according to the chief bodyguard of Stalin, Nikolai Vlasik, the chief was at least a few plans for the evacuation of the country in case of defeat or a coup. Stalin just did not believe that similar options were not envisaged by Hitler and his security team. Yes, and some of the contradictions in the testimonies — were poisoned or whether the führer shot himself, left a doubt.

Not only Stalin

However, justifiable doubts about the suicide of Hitler existed not only in the East but in the West. For example, British researchers Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan in the book “Grey wolf. The escape of Adolf Hitler” on the basis of recently declassified FBI files claim that the führer managed to escape and he for nine years survived his opponent. The scientific community says that this is just ththe first legend. But who knows, too many dark areas and uncertainties in this story.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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