Why the arrows won the Soviet snipers Hitler

History 18/03/20 Why the arrows won the Soviet snipers Hitler

Shots of the Soviet snipers were able to stop the fascist attacks of the whole mouth. Against them were sent to the German sharpshooters, a fate which in most cases was unenviable. Their duels will tell.

Frontline learning

In the book of Dmitry Kosturova “Sergeant without a miss” talks about how more experienced hands carefully – on an informal level – teach newcomers the secrets of marksmanship. Of course, in the Soviet Union and in Germany (after 1942) and theoretical training of snipers seriously.

However, according to the hero of this documentary story of Theodore Okhlopkova, practical experience had a disproportionately higher value than studying at the sniper school. The soldier who, first of all, I explained how important it is to know your rifle and yourself. He constantly “…repeated that, when you press the trigger, the gun move voluntarily or involuntarily to the right, and the shooter must know how far what his clearance from this shift turns out.” In General, the skill of the snipers in the war consisted of many small things, which you will not tell in “lad camp”, but without which it is impossible to win the duel. That is why the gunners prevailed among Soviet military friendship, of course, played a major role in the victory of our snipers in the confrontation with the German aces shooting.

50 Ragnarok

In the Wehrmacht, by contrast, is largely dominated by the spirit of individualism and self-worth. Ask the friend why Russian shoot metche, was considered shameful and even harmful to the ideology of the superiority of the Aryan nation over a “barbaric people.”

At the same time German hands in letters home complained of allocated assistants. They say that without the money they formally belonged to the orders for the preparation of sniping positions. There was even a quote – 50 reichmark that had PLAtit, to “everything was done right.” Sniper Nikolai Ilyin once read in the diary of a dead German sniper following entry: “Corporal … portrayed that knows nothing of my scheme. Then I gave him fifty marks — immediately became clever.” About Ilyin told the writer Naumov. Thus, the spirit of German practicality, when all you have to pay, was indestructible even in war.

the Germans were afraid of duels

overall, the German memoirs sharpshooters extremely difficult to come across descriptions of sniper duels. For example, a knight of the Iron cross Alpine arrows Josef Hallerberg, on account of which 257 dead Soviet soldiers, admitted that the Russian had an advantage at the expense of team spirit, while the fascists in most cases had to “work alone.”

Therefore, the Germans avoided duels, preferring powerful shelling to suppress our shooters. Advantages of Russian snipers Josef Hallerberg justified by the fact that the red army was provided by the world’s best sniper rifles, to get which dream of all German hands. By the way, this diarist admitted that he wrote his memoirs under an assumed name, because he committed crimes against the civilian population. The editorial Board has ensured that the rest of the book Alpine arrow – true.

Savvy – the second sniper gun

Soviet marksmen always belonged to the German snipers as professionals. So carefully prepared for the duel, trying to win at the expense of intelligence.

talking about one such “meeting” Fyodor Okhlopkov wrote that “the real enemy is the fascist sniper, whom he was expecting for the fourth day.” The fact that the German sniper school taught, including how to leave the position. As a rule, it was done short and quick dashes “zigzag.” It was thought that the distance of 200-300 meters to get to such a target is almost impossible. Our snipers called this tactic “drepanum hare” and repeatedly denied the allegation. But hidden German sniper that day were not given their position, and in fact, is a deadly threat. In order to detect it, Okhlopkov and his partner, Hanshin have produced the most present walked the Scarecrow in camouflage with a cap. “…When stuffed, driven by Hansini with a rope on a tight wire, “went stooping”, he (a German sniper) leaned out almost half a head. Fedor here, speaking to myself “who fly want to take”, pulled the trigger. Fascist, unnaturally raising his hand, fell down.”

a Unique duel called the battle of ACAT Ahmedjanova, about which wrote an article “Duel of snipers” in the “red Star” No. 305 from December 26, 1943. The’yanov well-aimed shot blew mine 82 mm mortar, which is pre-buried next to the possible position of the German sniper.

Patience is the third weapon of Russian snipers

About a sniper battle Hollywood even made the movie “enemy at the gates” in which the shooter was played by Jude law. It is, of course, about the battle of the South Urals, Vassili Zaitsev and the head of the Berlin school of snipers, major Konings in Stalingrad. The confrontation lasted four days, during which the duelists had each other to patience. First nerves passed the German European champion in shooting, when he mechanically shot raised partner Zaitsev helmet, and then another, and looked out from the shelter to make sure of victory. For this negligence, the fascist was killed by a precise shot of a red army soldier. That patience and endurance were the third weapon of the Soviet snipers, remember all our famous hands: Surkov, Nikolaev, Sidorenko, Culbertson and others.

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