Heinrich Mueller: the mystery of the disappearance of the chief of the Gestapo

History 18/03/20 Heinrich Muller: the mystery of the disappearance of the chief of the Gestapo

According to the official, Heinrich Mueller died at the end of the Second world war in 1945. What happened to him actually?

Heinrich müller was born in 1900 in Munich, Bavaria. After the First world war was awarded the Iron cross 1st and 2nd class for bravery in combat. In 1919 he joined the Bavarian police, took part in the suppression of the Communists. In the years of the Weimar Republic he was chief of Department of police of Munich and met members of the Nazi party, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich.

the Historian Richard Evans wrote: “müller was a supporter of duty and discipline, performed the task accurately, as a military. A true workaholic who never took holidays.” Evans also believes that Mueller took the Nazi regime out of ambition, not because he believed in socialism.

Peter Padfield, the biographer of Himmler, wrote of Mueller: “a limited imagination, neapolitanskii, nedodelannye fanatic profession. Able organizer, utterly ruthless people”
Mueller became a member of the Nazi party only in 1939 at the urging of Himmler.

the Gestapo

After the Nazis came to power in 1933, Reinhard Heydrich as head of the security service took Heinrich müller. Heydrich was his right hand. His career was rapid: in October 1939, he became the oberfuhrer SS, in November 1941 – gruppenführer and Lieutenant General of police. As Director of operations and then as head of the Gestapo, Mueller played a key role in identifying and suppressing all forms of resistance to the Nazi regime. Since 1935, engaged in a policy of regime destruction of the Jews. During the Second world war Muller was actively involved in espionage and counterintelligence. In 1942 he successfully infiltrated the network of Soviet spies and used it to transmit false information to the Councilskim spies.

In may 1942 Heydrich was killed in Prague, and Mueller went to investigate. With the death of his patron the influence of Muller declined slightly. After the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler in 1944, müller became the chief in the investigation of this case. He was arrested more than 5,000 people. In the last months of the war müller remained at his post, and believed in a German victory – he believed that the Ardennes assault will lead to the recapture of Paris. In April 1945 he was among the last group loyal to Hitler people.

After the war

Last time he was in the bunker on the evening of 1 may 1945. According to the testimony of Bauer, a confidant of Hitler, Mueller said, “we know the Russian methods. I have not the slightest desire to be taken prisoner”. Since that day, his traces were lost and the fate of the Muller remains a mystery.
Several versions of disappearance Mueller: 1. Killed or committed suicide during the fall of Berlin.
2. Fled from Berlin to South America, where he lived the rest of his days without revealing the identity.
3. Was employed in the United States or the Soviet Union as a spy.

the CIA has disclosed the documents Mueller in 2001, according to the Law on freedom of information, and documents several unsuccessful attempts, the U.S. agencies to find müller in 2001, according to the Law on freedom of information. The national archives of the United States gives the following comment: “the Central intelligence Agency did not know about the presence of Muller after the war and never entered into contact with him”
the CIA File shows what has been done to capture Muller within a few days after the surrender of Germany. The search was complicated by the fact that the name of Heinrich müller is a very common.

In 1947 the American and British agents, raided the house of his mistress Anne Schmidt, but found nothing. It was assumed that he was alive. With the beginning of the cold war, interest in the search for the missing Muller declined.
In 1960 after the capture of Adolf Eichmann sparked a new round of interest in the fate of Heinrich müller. Eichmann did not give the information of interest, but expressed the opinion that Mueller is still alive.

In 60 years the West has accused of withholding of Muller, and there was a theory that it had been seen in Panama in 1967. In fact, a man named Francis Willard Keith, and after the identification and comparison of fingerprints let him go.
the Most likely version was launched in 2013. The head of the German resistance Memorial Johannes Tuchel made a statement that the body of Mueller found in 1945 in a mass grave. Ironically, the body was found near the Jewish cemetery in Berlin, which was destroyed. Tuchel said that the body was discovered the General’s uniform and on the inside left side of the service ID with a photo in the left breast pocket.

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