Why the soldiers were throwing TNT in the oven during the Second Chechen campaign

Another 08/03/20 Photo: pinterest.hysacam soldiers threw TNT in the oven during the Second Chechen campaign

In military terms be possible many things which in time of peace seem absurd and incredible. And it manifests itself in ordinary everyday things. For example, during the Chechen campaign, Russian soldiers for heating stoked furnace… TNT bombs!

Warming TNT

the Second Chechen campaign – it’s still not the First. By the time an acute shortage of food and basic necessities is no longer observed. However, sometimes it happens that the right amount and the proper quality of products in the event of force majeure was not. For example, the winter sometimes were colder than I would like. The soldiers had to freeze.

a Few more “lucky” especially ingenious engineers. One of the recruits of 1999, recalled how the soldiers had a chance to warm up… trotyl checkers.

For the winter warriors gave out insulated lining for the tent. Provided even the stove – but without purged, causing the room heating has become much less quality. As for fuel, the soldiers had to deal with self-service. The whole company was cut down nearby trees and sawed them into firewood.

within walking distance were almost only aspen trees, though already in two girth. This wood is very hard “to cut”, because it is very refractory. Had to spray with diesel fuel and set on fire. Firelighters came out so-so: long and flared, then instantly burned, releasing less heat. And once on diesel fuel broke out the tent – the good, the fire was quickly put out.

once in support marsovin brought coal, but it was very little – just to stir the pot, but not for full heating of the tent. There was no way out: had to burn scarce ammunition from the ammunition boxes. Two 200-one gram and 400-gram TNT blocks, with appearance resembling simple soap, blazed with a Bang, giving the proper amount of heat.

“Fuel” fiercely hissed loudly and Bach in a closed stove, shaking its walls and creating the threat of detonation. Which, incidentally, once had nearly happened. Soon the company commander at the black column of thick smoke have learned to detect the melting of TNT – and “shut up shop”. Although his team nothing wrong with their adventurous approach and have not seen: it’s cold and for warmth, all good.

“Well in the heat, well, blows – blows so” – a few even phlegmatic remember involved. They seem to had no concerns for danger: the war is worse.

other “life hacks”

the same guys I remember how stoked the furnace of foam, which is toxic, and which could easily choke. And another “nerd” came up with the idea of how to Stoke the premises… “guts” of the charge of demining. This nylon sleeve filled with explosives. What precautions nor do anything and so when this “fuel” the risk to blow up the maximum, so no one else idea like did not come.

But the torches wicks – soldiers in the First and Second Chechen campaigns, was the case, too, was warm. The Chronicles have preserved it. However, it was really quite an extreme case, because this method is so inefficient, as you can imagine. Easier and more efficient to melt the wasp with diesel fuel.

the Veteran of special troops Nikolay Ignatiev recalls that during the First Chechen campaign was not to fat. During the occupation of the terrible, and this happened in January 1995, for space heating not turned out to be nothing – even, in fact, stoves. Fighters had to adapt a heated iron barrel, and as “fuel” to use the furniture.

But even this is not the most outlandish. Happened to heat and… money seized from the Bank. It is clear that bills have become obsolete and cannot circulate in circulation, but nonetheless. Such a case was recorded when our guys managed to take the building of a local Bank in the cold season.

For disinfection of hands, with the lack of soap Russian soldiers in the Chechen wars have occasionally used alcohol, vodka and even brandy. By the way, the Chechens immediately “passed” brandy: apparently hoped that our soldiers will get completely drunk and take a “cushy”. The officers, realizing the danger of such a “gift”, to drink soldiers are not allowed, and alcohol is used for hygiene, disinfection, and again as fuel. So what the separatists really did not expect is that the security forces will wash the captured brandy hands.

Incidentally, with regard to hygiene and disinfection, in this issue – again TNT was to help. In the 90-ies of the Professor Mozharovsky confirmed the murderous action of trinitrotoluene on bacteria and fungi. Of course, it is doubtful that soldiers in droves I read the works of this researcher. But mashed TNT in boots as a remedy for foot fungus – in combat practice so far.

it Turns out that even all sorts of unsuitable substances can be used with advantage for the common cause – and not strictly for their functional purpose. I want to live – learn to spin.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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