A Taiwanerin was stopped on their way back from China at the airport of the island of Kinmen and searched. By their conduct they had drawn the attention of the customs officials – rightly, as it turned out.

24 gerbils to the legs

The woman had a strange gait, as the Portal the Mirror reported. Therefore, customs officials have become at a routine customs inspection.

The officials were probably bad, as you found in women 24 gerbils, which she had strapped to her legs. The rodents were Packed in small bags and the woman’s skirt covered.

you can read here: “no one likes an unsightly crew”: Airline, forcing the Crew to Remove.

The Taiwanerin should have declared that they want to take the animals, which she had allegedly bought from a Pet shop in China, for friends in their home. More likely, however, that you should locks the gerbils in the order of a Taiwanese smuggling ring through the airport.

The little animals were eventually euthanized, and the woman accused of violation of the law for the control of infectious diseases.

Also interesting: Lufthansa employee stated: The triggers Clap after landings when the Crew and the pilots.



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