You know the typical cruise costs? Then you should read more carefully, because the Stiftung Warentest has published tips on how you yourself from unpleasant cost Surprises.

According to Stiftung Warentest:-item”> hide on the cruise cost

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These rules apply, according to the Foundation test on the cruise

those Who spend on the cruise-money that should be informed in advance about their rights

defects: Legally, the cruises of operators from the EU under the EU package law. Shopping on Board: Who goes on Board of a cruise shop, the should be informed in advance of how it looks in terms of exchange or return. Arrival: Often the crusaders ask the question, if you booked the arrival date is equal to or even want to organize. Here it is important to weigh accurately.

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insurance on the cruise: This is the winner according to the Stiftung Warentest

insurance for cross-

hansemerkur AWP ERV

Either of these in Germany’s leading cruise company, insurance to provide protection on the cruise:

Aida Cruises Costa Crociere MSC cruises, Tui Cruises

test winner, according to Stiftung Warentest: The cheapest cruise package to the Test the premium protection of Tui Cruises without self-participation for 379 Euro.

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Then you should, according to the Foundation test on the cruise with a view on the mobile merchandise

Who wants to be on the cruise, not from the outside world cut off from time to time, or surfing is on the phone. Either can be used, the rates of the own party, or on the rates of the cruise ships have to be used.

anyone Who expected uses at their own rates, especially if you are Surfing with high costs. So the price per MB is at O2 Telefónica at around 25 Euro, Telekom it is 19.90 euros and in the case of Vodafone users pay 23,60 per MB.

In comparison, the Rates of the cruises packages for different usage. The Social-Media-Flat costs at Aida Cruises for two to ten days is around 25 Euro. A Standard package with MSC cruises for two GB and five to seven nights will cost around 50 euros.

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