He is regarded as the beach of the beaches: Maya Bay on the Thai island of Ko Phi Phi Leh. The Thai government had imposed the ban in June last year because of the damage to the environment, a Visit that should take only a couple of months.

Now, the dream of the beach from the movie “the Beach” by 2023 closed. This is the marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat, to take care of the renovation of the beach, announced after a meeting of the authorities this week in Bangkok. Last the Maya were at the beach Bay on the island of Ko Phi Phi Leh every day up to 7000 visitors on the go.

20,000 new coral located

most of them came for a day trip with boats from the mainland. The prolonged closure is intended to help the nature, especially the coral to recover from the onslaught of the past few years. The biologist said: “The redevelopment takes time. It is particularly difficult when the corals are dead.” In the meantime, however, were already settled more than 20,000 new coral.


Prior to block 7000 tourists in Maya Bay

┬ęSakchai Lalit/AP, DPA,

Danny Boyle visited daily in the cut brought the Drama, “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the year 2000 in the cinema. The Original, with white Sand, turquoise water and palm trees was then besieged after the other, literally. Many tourists were in the water in front of the beautiful backdrop of Selfies, and breaking corals. Plastic trash swam around. At times boats were anchored in the Bay of Maya Bay dozens.

With the closure of revenue in the millions to escape the authorities, according to estimates. In addition, the owners of the excursion boats are upset, the earned with the tourists since many years, good money. A total of more than 38 million tourists came last year to Thailand.

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“The house master shows us the Villa of Leonardo DiCaprio” +++

precious AirBnB in Palm Springs: This house master shows us the Villa of Leonardo DiCaprio Fullscreen

Not by a fence, wall, or an impenetrable hedge, isolated: The Villa of Leonardo DiCaprio with the address 432 Hermosa Place is located in Palm Springs, no three-hour drive from Los Angeles.

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