Computer want to educate us again and again, how are we supposed to use them. With the newest Feature of Windows 10, the System depends on its users: With the latest Update with the number in 1809, are we allowed to remove our USB drives if we’re done with them.

For decades, we had to beat us with a warning around, even the USB-Stick the ribbon to safely eject. With the latest Update, the conclusion is: After the Installation, you can remove USB devices after the end of the writing process easy.

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can appear About, you had to always had to end

to eject the ejection of the disk originates from a time, in the external media such as floppy disks actually audible rattling her work. It was also on a USB-Stick is necessary, however, had a different reason and has switched to Microsoft finally.

nasty cyber weapon plugged in, the computer is dead, Russian invents Killer-USB-Stick, Christoph Fröhlich

the Performance data to improve transmission, to Windows keep always been a part of the data in a Cache and later transferred. So the System could manage the data better and in the end, usually transfer at a faster rate. For the user, but that was part of unintuitive: Just because the copying process is displayed as completed, was that all data were transferred. Pulled the Stick without ejecting it, could be damaged therefore, data in the process. The safe eject prevented such errors.

Completely new the quick Disconnect is not but The Option was there much longer, you had to select it as a “Quick Remove” manually in the settings. The previous Standard, the “Better performance” – called Feature, in which the data could be cached was.

With the Update, Microsoft is making the quick Removal of the Standard, is determined by the actual use of the data carrier in everyday life. If you want to continue to use the old mode, you can turn it on in the settings of the device Manager again.

source: ZDNet

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