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the Ceremony of delivery of awards “Oscar” in the year 2023 were able to surprise the audience. The main award was given to film “Parasites” Director Pont Chung-Ho.

the 92-th ceremony “Oscar” again without the lead for the third time in the history of film. In 2019, the awarding had to spend the comedian Kevin HART, the actor resigned due to accusations of homophobia. HART refused to apologize, and 91-I ceremony has lost face.

the Winner of the ceremony is the painting “Parasites” shows a poor Korean family who have to live in a dank dirty basement, stealing Internet from the neighbors and do random jobs here and there. Successfully trudoustraivatj thanks friend, the son of the family goes to design of the mansion and gives the hostess a good impression. And decides to employ in the house the whole family.

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“Parasites” – a film with loudly raised the issue, but no answer to the question of how to solve it”, – said film critic The City. The film also won the fight for the award in the category “Best foreign language film” and for best original screenplay.

In the category for best actor there were no surprises – the statue took Joaquin Phoenix for the role of Joker in the same film. “Joker” was highlighted in the category “Best music film”.

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the Statuette for best actress was awarded to Renee Zellweger, who played Judy garland in “Judy”. Earlier, the actress has received an Oscar, but the role of the second plan in the movie “Cold mountain” (2004).


Laura Dern won the statuette for her supporting role in the film “a wedding story”. This film was not released in the Russian hire. The award for “Best supporting actor” got brad pitt for the role in the film “One day in Hollywood…”. This is the second “Oscar” for pitt’s first acting job – in 2014 he received the award as producer of the film “12 years of slavery”.

Allgo in the Bank “… One in Hollywood” two awards – the film took the award for best artist.

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the Film “1917” took the statuette for “Best cinematography”, “Best visual effects”, “Best sound”.

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Not bypassed feed “Ford vs Ferrari” – the picture won in the category “Best editing”. In the Treasury of this film the award for best sound editing. Best adapted screenplay – “Rabbit Jojo”.

Elton John won an Oscar for the song (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again the movie “Rocketman”. Did not remain without awards and the movie “Little women”. He received the “Oscar” in the category “Best costume design”.

“toy Story 4” is recognized as the best animated feature film. Best short film – “Hairy love” Matthew A. cherry and Karen Rupert Toliver.

the Film “Scandal” noted in the category “Best makeup and hairstyles” and “American factory” took the statuette for best documentary film.

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Renee Zellweger received the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actor”Joaquin Phoenix received the award “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actor”