30 degrees, the sun. Bathing suit and towel are quickly stowed in the car. The lake, the pool or the beach are already waiting. For the sake of convenience, some drivers set themselves on hot days with flip-flops or even barefoot behind the wheel. But is that even allowed? An expert explains.

it is Allowed to drive barefoot car?

“There is no General ban, barefoot, or to go with the Slippers car,” says accident expert Achmed reader by the TÜV Thüringen. The road traffic regulations (StVO) make no specific requirements in relation to the Shoe factory, “however, I advise against it,” says reader. Who sits barefoot or with flip-flops behind the wheel, could finally slipping into a danger Situation, for example during an emergency braking by the pedals.

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it Comes to an accident, there is a risk of complicity. Even if traffic control is not mandatory and a fine is imposed, the TÜV expert in barefoot drive a car or Ride with loose shoes, a clear violation of the duty of care while operating a motor vehicle.

The Spicy thing is: The game could see insurance in case of damage or similar. The opposing insurer could demand a part of the debt, and the insurance refuse in the end even the Comprehensive coverage benefits.

Flip-Flops and High Heels are not for the Driving

suitable “Instead of flip-flops rather lightweight, but tightly closable shoes that offer sufficient support for the Wheel to rise,” advises a reader. Just as unsuitable for the car, High Heels are driving. “Due to the stretched on the Feet of the driver with the high-heeled heels can not transfer enough pressure from the ball of the foot on the pedals. In an emergency braking Situation, this can have fatal consequences,” says reader. Due to the small bearing surfaces of the heel and outsole, finally, Slipping or sticking of the shoes to be pre-programmed with the pedals.

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