this Wednesday it is again: In several States, the police power of the 3. April with a great line-up specifically hunting for speeders and pace of sinners. Blitz marathon the action, in the case of the officials not only, but focus is set to the potential risk of on the lookout at, some starting at midnight, and then for up to 24 hours.

In Germany this year, ten provinces in the speed marathon, part of a seven-day action week on the theme of “speed” of the European police network, Tispol. Across Europe, 30 countries are part of the game. Scent critic, in blitz marathon, a targeted rip-off from road users, the police in action is a good way to make more on the dangers of excessive speed on the roads.

After complaints from citizens Embarrassing glitch in Bielefeld: city of 7000 speed cameras must photos delete controls at the Hazard – but not only

must be expected in addition to the already existing stationary Flashing, on Wednesday at day-care centres, schools, seniors facilities with controls. But also in the respective urban area as well as at the Federal-, country – and County roads mobile speed cameras to catch lead feet and the Other about the dangers of their own behaviour on-site to educate.

Not always, but a large part of the police has announced their checkpoints in advance, to the accusations of rip-off counter. In which state where and when it is flashed at a Glance.

blitz marathon In 2019: At these locations is controlled by the Baden-Württemberg measurement not announced controls in Freiburg (Breisgau), Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg, Mannheim, Pforzheim, Reutlingen, Stuttgart, Ulm announced Bavaria (specific locations in the Link to the Region)agent Frank top Frank Frank lower Bavaria, upper Bavaria, upper Palatinate, Swabia, Brandenburg specific measurement is not disclosed controls in Bernau bei Berlin, Brandenburg an der Havel, Cottbus, Eberswalde, Falkensee, Frankfurt (Oder), Fürstenwalde, Königs Wusterhausen, Oranienburg, Potsdam announced Bremen measurement not announced hamburgin of the Hanseatic city is different than in the other provinces on Thursday (4. April) and in the period between 6 and 22 clock.Controls concrete road announced for Sülldorfer country, Schiffbeker Weg, and a gold donkey rose in addition, additional mobile speed cameras in use (no location information)of Hesse-speed measurements in approximately 260 locations in the state of Hesse and in the period between 6 and 22 h announced all the flash points in the state of Hesse in the overview of Rheinland-Pfalz, specific measurement points are not announced controls in Frankenthal, Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, Ludwigshafen, Mainz, Neustadt on the wine road, Neuwied, Germany, Speyer, Trier and Worms announced Sachsen measuring points in the run-up not controls published in Bautzen, Chemnitz, Dresden, Freiberg, Freital, Görlitz, Leipzig, Pirna, Plauen and Zwickau announced Sachsen-AnhaltDie police in the run-up to 220 scheduled control angekündigtDie colleagues of the “Central German newspaper” have made the effort, and the measuring points, depending on the Region listed thüringenin Thuringia is according to the police, after midnight, and the following 24 hours kontrolliertDie measurement in the Overview (Link to PDF file)What is the state of not making the blitz marathon in 2019?

This lander out of place in the blitz marathon time due to lack of personnel, time, the (long-term) Benefit is in question – in this year:

Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania lower Saxony North Rhine-Westphalia Saarland Schleswig-Holstein

sources: press release of the Tispol / press portal / police Hesse / Bavaria / Thuringia



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