If passengers use in flight, the toilet, the most quickly about the stage. Because the cabins are small and the noise level in aircraft toilets is very high. Like you don’t spend time in it.

plane-toilets in emergency from the outside

but What not to do when the door opens? If the lock has jammed, passengers hurt in the toilet cubicle, or by turbulence, the door is affected? There are on the outside of the doors of aircraft toilets for a secret button or rather the lever.

In most cases, this lever is hidden under the “Lavatory” or “toilet”sign made of metal on the door to the lavatory. With him the door is opened from the outside quite easily. This is for the safety of the passengers: In case of emergency, you can be the Crew from the outside of the toilet released. Therefore, the lever is hidden, so that it is not misused.

And so the secret button

Also interesting: to Empty the aircraft toilets-Tank actually, during the flight? And why there are on the flight attests to toilets still ashtrays?



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