201 passengers should fly at the beginning of January from London Stansted airport with Ryanair to Thessaloniki in Greece. However, instead of the port of flying to the city, landed the passengers in Romania – and were left there. As an Alternative, you should go 18 hours with the Bus to the desired destination in Greece.

201 passengers of Ryanair in Romania

left The plane found itself on Macedonia, as had formed over Thessaloniki, a wall of fog, as it, according to media reports. For this area, nothing out of the ordinary. Although they were from there, only 200 more kilometers to the destination, turned off the machine and flew due to bad weather, instead, to Timisoara in the North-West of Romania.

Why the pilot swerved in the Macedonian capital of Skopje, is not known. One reason could be that in Timisoara is a base of the Airline is located.

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Actually, on a flight journey of three hours, landed, removed the passengers, instead, about 740 miles from the planned destination. The 201 passengers on Board should be communicated to on-site then they could be brought from Timisoara by Bus to Thessaloniki. The journey takes according to the statements of a passenger on the train for around 18 hours.

On Twitter were already on the scene, numerous passengers to vent their Anger and contacted the local media. 89 of 201 of the passengers refused to ride the Bus. The Greek government responded and sent a machine to Greek airline Aegean Airlines to Timisoara.

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The machine brought the passengers finally to Thessaloniki, where they landed 24 hours later than planned. A woman wrote on Twitter: “Ryanair provides passengers with the FR8582 only a ‘solution’, to rise with the same driver for 18 hours in an old Bus.”

In a second Tweet she writes: “It is illegal and dangerous for a bus driver to drive for so many hours. Everywhere is snow on the poet.”

Many other passengers complained about the approach of Ryanair.

The approach of Ryanair, however, is in its own articles of Association on the Website: “If we are not, for reasons beyond our control, will be able to land at the destination airport, and diverted to land at a destination airport, the carriage by air ends when the aircraft lands at that other destination airport, unless the aircraft is flying to the original destination. We will organize, in this case, however, an alternative Transport, either by ourselves or through another, one of us declared means of transport, to bring to you at no additional cost to the destination set out in your confirmation/itinerary.”

No wonder, when you hear something that Ryanair was elected for the sixth time in a row to the worst Airline in the world.

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