Wolf messing: how much money was in the savings Bank telepath after his death

Another 21/02/20 wolf messing: how much money was in the savings Bank telepath after his death

In the words of wolf messing, Stalin once asked his income. Messing said to the leader that earns more than it can spend. In fact, some episodes in the life of a psychic saying that he was a real millionaire. And after the death of messing in his savings account showed an impressive amount.

the Artistic career of

most of the researchers of the biography of wolf messing mention that the telepath has long suffered from extreme poverty. Here and Ramil Mavlyutov in his book “the Super human”, writes that she started working at the age of 11 years, performing various errands. It was then that the boy fell on the street on a hunger strike, after which he revealed an unusual ability. Messing became an advocate in the arena of a traveling circus in the role of a fakir: he allegedly forced himself not to feel pain when his body was pierced with huge needles. Subsequently, the wolf had only focused on pop numbers based on “mind reading”.

But even by the end of 1930-ies, when the wolf Messing was about forty, he became a celebrity even in his native Poland. At least so says Vadim Erlikhman, the author of the book “wolf messing. The Psychic Stalin.” According to Erlikhman, in the absence of glory, but have only toured provincial towns and had received the appropriate fees. However, in the beginning of the Second World war, wolf messing moved to the USSR, where he was destined to become a real success. The state Council, which took the artist under his wing, actively used it for anti-religious propaganda. The ability of the film, many did not cause the slightest doubt. According to some reports, approached him for help even myself Joseph Stalin.

Secret millionaire

during the Soviet period his biography of wolf messing and was earning quite well. As evidence, we cite the fact that during the great Patriotic war of messing on their own savings bought war two combat aircraft. That information was contained in the publication “Military cooperation of the Soviet and Polish peoples”, Paul Zilina. One fighter was transferred to the Polish regiment and the other a telepath gave the pilot Konstantin Kovalev. It is clear that planes were expensive. For example, Vladimir Svinyin in the publication “the Stalin prize”, mentions that Il-4 in those years was estimated at 800 thousand rubles.

meanwhile, the rest of your life wolf Messing was able to earn a lot more. After the death of the film in 1974, it turned out that he was a real millionaire. At least Igor Prokopenko, author of “Secrets of the prophecies and predictions” says that the savings of several books wolf G. in total was about one million rubles. Due to the fact that the heirs of messing left (his wife Aida Mikhailovna died in 1960, and the children of the couple were not), his apartment, the property and money from the savings Bank moved to the state.

Where the money?

Where did wolf messing was the money? If you take into account all sorts of legends about the abilities of the film, it turns out that he could get any amount with the help of hypnosis. So, in the book of Igor Malakhov “Meeting with Superman by name wolf messing”, once Stalin decided to check out the conductor and told him to get in state Bank without any documents of 100 thousand rubles. Supposedly the telepath showed the cashier a blank sheet of paper, suggesting to him that it was a check. The cashier carefully examined the paper and put the client several bundles of banknotes. If you believe the Malachite, when a Bank employee was taken out of hypnosis, and showed a document, which was issued the money, he fainted.

However, the girl never denied that he earned more than enough. So, in his memoirs, “I am a telepath Stalin” upside supportminal, Stalin asked him income. Messing said then that gets much more than he can spend. Besides, in the words of the hypnotist, he had very modest needs. Messing did not save only clothes and shoes that were needed in order to look impressive on stage. During the war years to get good-quality fabric on the costume was problematic, so the artist often had to overpay. The services of a good tailor is not cheap cost. And the shoes wolf messing was made exclusively to order.

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