Nikolay Kuznetsov: Soviet intelligence weaned talking in your sleep

Heroes 01/02/20 Nikolay Kuznetsov: Soviet intelligence weaned talking in your sleep

Nikolai Kuznetsov destroyed behind enemy lines 11 Nazi generals and high-ranking German officials. The scout has long been successfully impersonating an officer of Paul Siebert. However, this operation might end in failure, if a few days before its beginning it became clear that Kuznetsov talks in his sleep.

learning German

German Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov “was” even before the great Patriotic war. Largely it happened because of the German language, which Smith was fluent in. The fact that the future scout from childhood was surrounded by native speakers. According to Alexander Kolpakidi and Alexander Severus, the authors of the publication “Special cases of the KGB”, the school where I studied Nikolai, the German language was taught by a woman, lived for many years in Switzerland, the shop teacher was a former prisoner of war Czech, and the neighbor-pharmacist were originally from Austria.

Subsequently, if you believe Toroptseva Alexander, author of the book “Strategy of the Second world”, Kuznetsov improved his knowledge in the period of study in the Sverdlovsk industrial Institute, where he was closely associated with German specialists who worked at the plant Uralmash. In 1938, when Nikolai Ivanovich was engaged in foreign intelligence, he turned into an ethnic German of Rudolf Wilghelmovich. Under this name Nikolai Kuznetsov developed foreign citizens who came to the Soviet Union.

Preparing for surgery

during the great Patriotic war Nikolay Kuznetsov knowledge proved to be very helpful. Almost immediately after the German invasion of Nikolai Ivanovich was transferred to the subversive-intelligence Directorate of the NKGB of the USSR. Was conceived a grandiose operation on the infiltration of Soviet spies in the enemy’s rear, namely in the city of Rivne, the residence of the Reichskommissar Ukraine Erich Koch. Kuznetsov had to sneak thatYes, under the name of a German officer Paul Siebert. However, in order not to fail, Nikolai Ivanovich had to go through extensive training.

As he wrote Yevgeny Primakov in his book “essays on the history of Russian foreign intelligence”, citing the words of Fyodor Bakin involved Kuznetsova, the latter paid great attention to the legend of your character: I invented scenarios of childhood and adolescence, studied photographs, Newspapers, posters, maps, reference books, various documents. “To contemplate a little something — that failure,” he used to say. And one of those trivia heads of Kuznetsov and he really almost lost sight of. And all because Nikolay Ivanovich lived alone and his lack of even had no idea.

Talkative scout

Everything became clear only when Nikolai Kuznetsov was already in the squad of Dmitry Medvedev, who settled not far from Rivne. Neighbor Kuznetsova in the tent once said that he talks in his sleep. Despite the virtuosity, even the German dialects, spoken to scout in their own language: after all, he was Russian. On this particular Kuznetsov mentions in his book “War behind enemy lines” and A. Sofronov and A. S. Carlin. According to the authors of the edition, Nikolay Kuznetsov advised as little as possible to speak in Russian reality, but, apparently, it didn’t work.

At least know we helped to Nikolai Kuznetsov to get rid of “bad habits” a completely different method. If we are to believe Theodore Gladkov, author of the book “Smith: a legend of the Soviet intelligence”, every night near Nikolai Ivanovich had to watch someone from colleagues. As soon as the blacksmiths began to speak, the duty to Wake him up. It is clear that because of this, “Paul Siebert” constantly not getting enough sleep: tired he had bags under his eyes. However, after a few of these sleepless nights, Kuznetsov still stopped to talk in my sleep.

a Successful mission and the death of

All the tortures of Nikolai Kuznetsov was not in vain. From October 1942 Kuznetsov worked Smoothly under the guise of a German officer Paul Siebert and none of his “colleagues” never suspected. According to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev on the pages of his book, “the Tribunal for heroes”, Nikolai Ivanovich not only successfully mined the Germans the necessary information, but also made a whole series of acts of sabotage. According to Y. S. Ryabtseva, the author of the book “History”, a total of Kuznetsov killed 11 generals and high-ranking Nazi officials.

unfortunately, before the victory of the brave scout did not survive. All the circumstances of the death of Nikolai Kuznetsov is still unclear. According to the version given in the encyclopedia “Great Patriotic war” (scientific editor-candidate of historical Sciences Y. A. Nikiforov), in March 1944, returning from another job, Nikolai Ivanovich, along with teammates Ian Kaminsky, and Ivan Belov met with the Bandera group, dressed in soldiers of the Soviet army. In battle with them, all three scouts were killed.

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