Women's squad Basayev: whom it took

Crime 11/02/20 Photo documentary footage of terrorists during the terrorist attack on Dubrovka Women’s squad Basayev: whom it took

there are no wars without “trench folklore”, with no legends and tales that tell each other the soldiers in between battles. During the First and Second Chechen wars (mid 90s and early 2000s) was very popular stories about a “women’s group” Basayev.

was or was not a terrorist No1 this unit? Who and why fought in its ranks?

“White tights”

stories of the athletes-biathletes from the group “White tights”, primarily the Baltic and Ukrainian origin who fought on the side of the Chechens, walking among the servicemen in the period of both Chechen campaigns. These rumors are fueled by a variety of active interviews, which give reporters supposedly “experienced” participants of military conflicts in the Caucasus. Talked about a special squad of snipers created by Basayev. Women served in it for more money, but also because of the strong hatred of Russia and Russian. Many of the combatants talked about the fact that he personally knew a soldier who was personally present at the capture (or even himself was taken prisoner) one of these elusive beasts. Usually this was followed by the story of the massacre committed against snipers, certainly beautiful and blond. The massacre occurred with the use of armored personnel carriers, explosives, or other equally powerful tools. However, investigations undertaken, in particular, the journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” and the author of “Journalistic investigation”, Yulia Noise, have not confirmed the existence in reality of the group “White pantyhose”. The journalist of the “Center of extreme journalism” Oleg Panfilov adhered to the same opinion.

the Sources of the legends about the “White stockings” was women who did serve on the side of Basayev. Some of them were snipers, is not uncommon in war. In “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in 2001, an article was published about a lady nicknamed “Lolita” (real name Elizabeth Mayna), or a Ukrainian, or a Russian woman who fought on the Chechen side because of the money and his heart – one of the militants was her lover. She was captured and was serving a sentence in one of colonies for terrorist activities.

Passed information about the arrests of women snipers and other media, in particular ORT, in messages of agencies “Interfax” and “Rosinformtsentr”. In these materials appeared snipers of Chechen, Tajik and other nationalities. Eyewitnesses of the terrorist act in Beslan mentioned the woman “Slavic appearance”, presumably served by the militants. This kind of information in the media of the time were many. However, it should be noted that the legend of the “White stockings” and told members fighting in different hot spots: in Transnistria, in Georgia, Tajikistan and Nagorno-Karabakh.

it Can be concluded that female snipers of different nationalities on the side of Basayev really fought, but about a whole team of Ukrainian, Lithuanian, etc. athletes-biathletes to say, apparently, is not necessary. Most likely, such unit does not exist.

then what happened?

“Black widow”

At the beginning of 2000-ies in the framework of a “sting operation” that Basayev was named “boomerang”, was created by a female group “special function”. It consisted of a native of Chechnya and other North Caucasus regions. It was, as a rule, young women, widows or daughters, sisters killed in the fighting Mujahideen. All these women were suicide bombers, condemned to put on a “suicide vest” and become a “living bomb” in one of Russian cities. In the unit on different data were from 30 to 36 women, and its formation was really going on at the direction of the terrorist No1.

Information about the “black widows” began to appear in the media in the early 2000-ies, and in 2003, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia officially prizetax the existence of a detachment of bombers.

the First suicide bomber, according to “Russian newspaper”, was Khava Baraeva, who in the summer of 2000 crashed into a truck filled with explosives into the building of the commandant’s office in Alkhan-Yurt. Killed two policemen and myself Barayev. After that, the attacks with “black widows” began to occur in other cities of Russia. In 2001 in Urus-Martan, in 2002 at the cultural center on Dubrovka, in 2003, explosions thundered in Znamenskoe, Grozny, at the Tushino airfield and the hotel “natsional” in Moscow, a commuter train in the Stavropol region, in 2004 — at metro station “Riga” in Moscow and the Beslan hostage-taking. This is not a complete list. Until 2012 the explosions thundered in Chechnya, Dagestan, Volgograd, exploded planes, buses and subway cars. And every time the cause of the explosion became “living bomb” — a poor woman, often drugged.

These women, whom the terrorists were called “brides of Allah”, was in the squad in different ways. Some voluntarily, others as a result of the intimidation and psychological manipulation. Lost her husband hoped to earn the mercy of Allah and reunite with loved ones in heaven. Other forced: kidnapped, raped, declared “corrupted”. The shame could only be taking an explosive belt. Some and steal it was not necessary, it was enough of the slogans of the struggle against “infidels.” However, all, and “ideological”, and those who were forced, in charge of special people. Sometimes the curator himself, remotely trigger an explosive device if you saw “bride of Allah” got scared and changed his mind to die. Sometimes the suicide bombers were taken to the place of attack, almost unconscious because of the drugs and other psychotropic drugs.

the Chechens said that in order to commit such a suicidal attack, you need to be either very miserable, or completely insane. During the war the number of accidents and madmen is greatly increased.

Olga Melnikova

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