Sophia against Peter I: sister fought with his brother for the throne

History 25/02/20 Konstantin Veselovskaya against Peter I: sister fought with his brother for the throne

the Older sister of one of the most famous of Russian tsars – Peter the Great – Sophia by evil plan actually got the throne. But as soon as my brother got older, she is remembered.

Ugly, but clever

the Russian princesses were in General an unhappy fate. To read and write they are not taught, because there is no need – marriage these girls are not light (for the court to give not supposed to, and marriages with the offspring of famous European names was forbidden because it was necessary to adopt Catholicism). As soon as the Princess grew older, she was sent to the monastic vows in the monastery: by tradition, the throne was inherited through the male line.

Sophia Alekseevna managed this tradition to change. First, his 10 years the girl learned to read and mastered foreign languages, which his father, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, did not resist. On the contrary, he even encouraged a thirst for education. Sophia was interested in science, she knew the story.

according to the memoirs of contemporaries, the beautiful Sophia was not short and stout, with disproportionately big head and a moustache under his nose. But since childhood she possessed a thin, sharp and “political” mind. Code father Alexis rested and ascended to the throne of the ailing body of 15-year-old Theodore, sister watching brother, he was friends with nobles, he realized, and built on what court intrigues.

7 years in the role of Regent

the Kingdom of Feodor III Alexeevich ended after 5 years. Twenty-year-old monarch died without leaving an heir. Arose dynastic crisis. On the one hand, the accession of 16-year-old Ivan fussed clan Miloslavskys (his mother, the late Queen Maria Ilyinichna, nee Miloslavskaya was), the other – to the throne 10-year-old Peter wanted to put Naryshkin (the widow of Alexei Mikhailovich, mother of PEtra, before marriage, wore that name). Outweighed the Naryshkins supported by the Archpriest Joachim: it publicly announced that the future ruler of Russia, Peter I.

Not wanting to put up with this scenario, Sophia, using the opportune overdue at the time of dissatisfaction Riflemen (those allegedly detained the salary), attempted a coup. The Queen supported Miloslavskii and part of the prominent boyars, among whom was Vasily Golitsyn and Ivan Khovansky (the Streltsy rebellion, obviously, that’s why were called Houndini).

as a result, Sophia was made Regent for Ivan and Peter. Her reign, which Miloslavskii received at the court of unlimited influence, lasted 7 years. All this time Peter’s mother lived in the Royal summer residence. When in 1689 he was at the instigation of mother married Evdokia Lopukhina, the Sophia de jure ended the period of guardianship: the throne got every right to occupy the Imperial throne.

had the power, but did not relish natashia

Sophia under no circumstances did not want to take power. The archers were initially on her side, near boyar environment, received the reins from the hands of the Regent, too, was standing behind Sophia. The situation grew tense as both sides of a protracted confrontation between suspected each other of planning to unleash to resolve the dispute bloody showdown.

At the beginning of August 1689, Peter had denounced a plot to assassinate him. Frightened, Peter escaped with a few bodyguards in the Trinity-Sergiev monastery. The next morning in the monastery arrived, and mother of Prince together with his wife, Eudoxia Lopukhina. They were accompanied by amusing regiment, quite impressive in those days military force. There was really the smell of bloody civil strife. Sophia was sent for talks to the monastery of Patriarch Joachim, Yes he arrived to the monastery contrary to the will of the Regent took and once again declared Peter king.

Soon, Peter issued a decree and as the king called all of the Streltsy colonels preto dstat in front of him, otherwise threatened by death. Sophia, in turn, promised to massacre everyone who dares to do so. Some disobeyed and went to see Peter. Seeing that it does not burn, Sophia had tried myself to talk with him, but it has not allowed the faithful to Peter the archers. Gradually the side of the new king took over all political and military force except the chief of the Streltsy order Fyodor Shaklovity, who had remained faithful to Sophia and kept the archers in Moscow. But Peter with the help of faithful people have eliminated him. Shaklovity was arrested, interrogated under torture, and after torture was beheaded.

the removal and confinement

hold the reins of power Sophia by the order of Peter I went first to the Holy spirit, and then in the more distant from Moscow, the Novodevichy convent, where she was detained. There is a theory that Sophia had to do with the Streltsy uprising of 1698. However, it is unlikely that she could lead them torture chambers of the monastery. The king at the time of the maturing of a rebellion of the Streltsy was abroad. His guard complained about non-payment of salaries, part of the army defected from the North-Western borders of Russia, where he served, and went to Moscow for “the truth”. There were letters allegedly transferred by Sophia archers from the monastery and calling for an uprising.

the Revolt was suppressed by government forces and the rebels returning from abroad, the king is brutally murdered. He was interrogated and his entourage of relatives on the subject of involvement in the conspiracy. Including Sophia. The charges disown.
More Sophia nothing about yourself is not stated. She died in 1704. Legend has it that the rebellious sister of Peter ran away from a monastic imprisonment with twelve archers. But credible evidence of this beautiful hypothesis was never given.

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