Some of the books by the fly a bit under the Radar. But if you get them suddenly on the screen, open the view in a whole new world – or make the seemingly familiar world in a new light, in completely unexpected Contexts visible. So as the Asteroid, it may have been before reported standing impact, Pippa Goldschmidt in the story “How correct you must be (to achieve something in life)”. A collision that occurs, albeit in a different way than expected. And other places.

In gold Schmidt’s stories, we meet Albert Einstein in the Elevator, a real “computer inside” and the other dreamer in the back room of science. We know the deep, painful meaning of Numbers and understand all of a sudden the amount of teaching and your incisions in our everyday life. We see how history and the present connect, such as planets and you observed people at the telescope to the same points of reference circles. How Familiar and Surprising, an unusual, a whole image.

A Band that is great fun and, yet, not only “touches like a stone, the dips on the surface of a pond ditscht …”, but. The reader and the reader after each last sentence is more on the inside and always new secrets in the corners of our Thinking and discover. To make translated by Zoë Beck with a colour and accuracy of expression, the stories, the language, is a great enjoyment. Like a shooting star night, which leads us to the Dark right in front of the eyes by illuminating it, and in the midst of it, our wishes and hopes to light up – and the always over much too quickly goes. Just the right reading for the next summer.

Pippa Goldschmidt: “the need to organize the space. Stories”, cultural books publishing house, Hamburg, 2018


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