The new game show “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”, in which the two entertainers compete against employees of her employer, holds as its price 15 minutes TV for free.

As Joko winter scheidt and Klaas Heufer-gained circulation on Tuesday, they got on Wednesday evening the minutes in Prime time from 20.15 awarded. The series “Grey’s Anatomy – The young Physicians” started at 20.30 – instead of 20.15 hrs.

Joko (40) and Klaas (35) used their acquired television minutes, the topics of search and rescue, right-wing extremism and homelessness to Primetime to accommodate at ProSieben. The transmitter is decided then, contrary to its announcement, the broadcast was only seen live once, make the quarter of an hour, even in hindsight, are available.

“After today’s Live broadcast ProSieben has decided, “Joko & Klaas live” via the Social channels and on subsequently to the call to provide – in spite of the defeat,” said the station in the evening.

Joko and Klaas began their 15-minute sets that you could make bullshit, but that there were a few people who had more to say as the two of you – “people who have a Message”, “the issues deserve more attention”. After three people arrived in a dark Studio with only a chair in succession to the word.

The Seawatch-captain Pia Klemp spoke about five minutes about search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea, the “the deadliest border in the world”. She focused on the “prevention of Migration of the Nobel peace prize laureate EU” and talked about a driven ship, the 14,000 refugees in distress at sea rescued had been, had been well seized.

Dieter Puhl, head of the Evangelical station mission at Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin, spoke lots about homelessness in Germany and the prejudices many people have towards the Apartment. He called on the audience to come up with homeless people to the conversation, whenever it was possible.

The author Birgit Lohmeyer, who comes from Hamburg, however, the country has moved and is now in the Mecklenburg Jamel lives, spoke about her life with neo-Nazis as neighbors, as you will be threatened, and as their barn on fire had been.

the reactions to The broadcast were often enthusiastic, many were “moved”. “Probably the best 15 minutes that has offered German TV ever,” was about a reaction. Some accused Joko and Klaas, but also “left wing populism”.



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