Photo: courtesy of the organizers.

the Clown show of Egor Druzhinin “Yellow and Black” – a fairy tale from adult children for adults and children – will be presented in VegasCityHall in February and March.

This is not the first project of Yegor Druzhinin as a Director and producer of children’s shows. But for sure special, because his idea began with a dream. Druzhinin has long admired the great artists working in the genre of clowning, and the opportunity to look at the world from under the brim of the bowler hat clown and laugh at him “reconcile” it with reality. Once having donned the red nose and funny costume, he burned with a desire to try yourself in the role of Director of the clown show.

“For me, clowning is not a genre, as a principle of existence in the circumstances – he says he Druzhinin. A farce is the whole life in one pill. A good clown is fun to watch because watching him we are watching him. Modern clowning on the form is much more diverse than before. It penetrates into places where it didn’t belong, and enjoys those things, which before did not use. It even allows itself the luxury of not being funny, giving preference to the paradox, and not a joke. But it does not change the basis of the trade.”

In recognition Druzhinina, it was hard not to come up with a story, not too long and choose from a variety of twists and reprises the ones that really captivate the viewer. It is very important not simply to make a colorful and spectacular show, and to tell the real sincere story. Tale of the fact that sometimes friends argue and don’t want to hear each other, but if they are willing to change for the better and to support each other in difficult times, they can cope with any difficulties.

Photo: press service of the festival.

the Action takes place on a hidden from the people of the island: two clown – Yellow, is responsible for day, and Black, Lord of the night, accidentally breaking the course of time. To prevent infection atit is a catastrophe of universal scale, they have to forget past grievances and by connecting the savvy to solve a problem that they themselves created.

Follow the adventures of the characters will be interesting both for children, because their life is often not everything goes according to plan, and adults who are forced every day to deal with unexpected situations.

the role of the Yellow will be performed by Mikhail Kukota, and Black – Igor Chekhov. Guys already have been working in the genre of clowning, so their choice for the role of the main characters was obvious. Will appear in the show and Michael Bashkatov, known to viewers of the project “Give the youth” and “Kitchen”. This time, he will turn into a Mosquito – natured and ever-hungry animal, the one that starts all the problems of Yellow and Black.

Tickets are available at the link.

When: 22-24 February, March 14-15
Where: VegasCityHall