Yellow level weather risk announced in Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Julia Ivanko

on Thursday 13 February in Moscow and the Moscow region will act yellow level weather risk. As follows from the data on the website of the hydrometeorological center, the warning will last until 11.00 am Friday, February 14.

the Weather is potentially dangerous due to icy conditions. The expected light snow and 3 degrees below zero. Wind southwest speed of 3-8 meters per second. The atmospheric pressure will be 741 mm Hg.

relative humidity is about 80 percent, reports the portal “of Meteonovosti”. Forecasters warned that the weather will be uncomfortable because of a marked shortage of oxygen in the air.

In the center weather “Phobos” reported earlier that the atmospheric pressure will return to normal on Friday, and the weekend will be increased. While Saturday and Sunday will be warm enough for Cappel.

Ice complicated the traffic in the city

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