Update from the 16. January, 9.30 am: After the emotional Post of “Antenne Bayern”-morning show presenter Indra Gerdes, in which it no longer calls the skiers to the reason to drive in the event of acute avalanche danger off-piste and not to endanger other people, there are now popularity of skiing ACE Felix Neureuther. This is also appalled at the flippancy with which so many a skier putting his life on the game.

Felix Neureuther calls for “drastic penalties” for irresponsible skiers

He could only shake his head, the 34-Year-old in a conversation with Indra Gerdes. “It is, of course, always on the snow. But as dangerous as it is Currently, not move to the free land.“ An Airbag or similar, you could not rely on an avalanche.

The 13-times world Cup winner Neureuther said, also, to change the law so that the Entering of blocked runway drastic penalties areas in the future, due. So he agrees with many of the Facebook users of the “Antenne Bayern”, which make a similar claim. So a user writes that you go, finally a red light, just to get an adrenaline kick.

“suicide”: a mountain rescuer Zvonko Karadakic finds hard words

Zvonko Karadakic, district Manager of the Tyrolean mountain rescue Kufstein, even goes a step further and referred to the skiers who go in spite of the many warnings in the terrain as a “self-murderer”. We could not assess the nature, the mountain rescuers, no matter how much experience you believe you have. “The avalanche has no security and no Airbag. And most of the time, the avalanche, with always trees and stones, and then the next, you will be crushed by the stones, or a tree is pierced. The you wish but really, no,“ Karadakic in an interview with Antenne Bayern.

original message from 15. February, 09.25 PM:

Bayern – Despite the acute avalanche danger numerous skiers these days are on unsecured slopes. Again and again it comes, therefore, to fatal accidents. Only a few days ago, rescue workers, three men who were in Lech am Arlberg outside marked and open pistes on the road were mountains, only dead. A fourth skier is currently still missing.

the outside marked and open pistes are heaping misfortune of messages induced antenna-Bavaria-presenter Indra Gerdes, a haunting warning to all skiers to pronounce, on-the-go. “For your short thrill of playing with the lives of others,” reads the Post, the radio station, published on Tuesday morning in Facebook. And more: “While you Hang on unsecured and in the event of imminent avalanche danger on the rescue waiting for, go to the men and women of the mountain rescue for you in danger.”

antenna-Bavaria-presenter Indra make a few skiers stunned

the behavior of the reckless skier on unsecured Slopes on the road, the weather expert, stunned. “When will you stop it? What can bring you to your senses?“, she asked the at-risk athletes. Indra find the skier’s incredibly irresponsible. She was “angry”.

at The end of your appeal, Indra made all skiers who do not want to keep to the marked slopes, a proposal. You should look at in the future, a photo of your loved one before you go for a unsecured slope. Perhaps you would then consider, what is more important – the adrenaline rush, or the family. “I wish that you Wake up to,” wrote Indra. Hopefully, this appeal shows.

Facebook users support Post of the antenna Bavaria

Many Facebook users seem to speak of Indra, with your Post in any case, from the soul. Because within three hours after the publication of the Statement has already had over 6600 Likes. “True words of love from Indra. You’ve come to the point,“ commented a user. Some of the Facebook Users point in the comments but also the fact that there are clear rules for the mountain rescue service, what is a responsible risk assessment for both the victim and the rescuer. “The Bavarian mountain rescue service do not do not judge misconduct, that’s their job,” writes a user. Instead, it wakes up the task of the mountain rescue Crashed in the mountains. Another user is of the same opinion: “All the helpers to help, to save lives. You be the judge and not condemn,“ she writes in the comments.

How fast skiers outside marked and open pistes can crash, shows a case in Brauneck. There is a 31-year-old man on Sunday afternoon was in the unsecured area and triggered an avalanche. In Damüls in Austria-piste accident away from also, a 32-year-old teacher, because he was buried by an avalanche.

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