here We have a really good relationship to animals. You will notice that each has. I am speaking now not only of Hamster, Chinchilla, cat, dog, and co., but also of Nutzviechern. When I drive home from work, and around the corner bend, I need to drive very slowly, because I’m afraid to run over a of the free-running hens. Located in Bad Tölz! The run right naughty on the road and the associated rooster has his girls. If you are male: please Make a comparison to the rooster with three (!) Women. Admirable, or!?

Bayern series At Lord’s at home everyone knows Everyone in the village and nothing remains a secret, sometimes it’s a little … embarrassing

On my running distance of nine kilometers, there are animals in the following order: trout fishing in a beautiful pond in the Isarstaussee, goats and donkeys in a very, very large defined area, in which you can caress the great, on the fence also on the Isar. Then the sheep are in the pasture at the Return point. Sheep, incidentally, are not at all fluffy, but rather waxen. Also the small. Then the mouflon come to the hill to the castle high castle. The cattle are with very long fur. Someone is breeding there. Are very pretty! After that, the run come the ducks. The neighboring holds. The are just as excited. At the top of the castle arrived, the normal ducks wait. Always couple – so sweet! In summer and in Winter. In the spring all the toads and frogs. My children have collected earlier. Just for the fun of it! Was a lot of fun. Well, now the two of them are big and I walk around to the toads and frogs. So much for the small animals.


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I’ve decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”

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the other day I was sitting in the four-man chair lift to the Brauneck up with a father and his son. With us, there is always time to look back chamois, practically every day. You know what a goat is? Well, how should I describe it … a larger mountain goat with horns and brown fur. The Gams increases at heights and exposed to kicks, as any experienced mountain would crash Steiger immediately. The chamois Population is so large that the animals are deliberately released for the hunters to shoot down! Zwoa Gams per Person in a year.

In the four chairs of the twelve-year-old son asks the dad what the animal Park, the “Jämse” was broken out. The answers with the words: “Here, there’s close to a wildlife Park!” Does the job! The life as free. YES! SO IT IS! The actually increase too much.

guess what is more dangerous: Groundhog or a Capricorn?

Another example, love Would-be friends of the mountains? Ibex. Do you know how big a Capricorn? Joah, with Antlers long as two or three meters. On the Brauneck, the top one goes to the Benediktenwand. There’s a healthy Population of about 30 living stone blocks. The path leads through small shrubs and perennials that line loamy trails. The use of the ibex. It may so happen that you make because of your beautiful hike, and once the Capricorn is. But this is no Problem at all! The Capricorn is used to this. The just wait, until you press be frightened into the bushes and runs past then matter-of-factly on it. He is holding two, three meters tall and has horns. But just stay cool.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Bayern survive or: “Only the Lord God and the butcher know what is in the” Leberkas “”

My daughter had money in the last year of high school issues, and has managed to get a Job at the animal shelter. If you have children, talk to them! That’s why we now have three cats – thanks again, Hannah! At the shelter, was placed on a Groundhog. The Groundhog has dug up in Bad Tölz two weeks, the gardens in the settlement, before it could be caught. You know what a Groundhog looks like?! So cute!! You googling that! Right now! How cute!

Said the Groundhog has behaved in the shelter, but they are hardly cooperative. The ultra-cute Groundhog has two extremely large teeth that can bite off a loose thumb. Because it had lived so long in Tölz, knew people and was quite unscheu. In practice: as soon As my daughter wanted to feed the Groundhog, ran the thing like crazy on you, little daughter threw in a panic, the food in the room and pulled the door shut again. Clean make fell. Even the old, experienced the shelter, the owner dared not to Clean inside, so much respect he had in front of the animal. On the second day of the Groundhog had eaten away about 60 percent of the wood window frame and the animal shelter owner also said that another solution would be better. The marmot was released into the wild at the benediktenwand. If you were to fall from him – write to me.


cute, a Groundhog up on the pearly whites.

©Herbert lewald


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