Update 24. January, 15.10 clock: After the autopsy of the woman, it is clear that the 22-Year-old stab injuries died. The police announced in the upper Palatinate. The suspicion against the 27-year-old life partner of the woman has confirmed. According to the chief Prosecutor Bernhard Voit arrest warrant was issued for manslaughter. The man has now confessed, and the confession repeated before the judge.

The emergency call to the officials is to be received accordingly, early on the Morning of Wednesday, at 3 o’clock. You have found the young woman seriously injured in the stairwell. Apparently, she was on the run from her violent Partner and had tried, with a neighbor. Resuscitation but were unsuccessful. To the subject of the life of the companions of the criminal investigation Department in Weiden is currently no information.

Update 24. January, 10.14 PM: After the violent death of a 22-year-old Syrian girl in Altenstadt an der Waldnaab is now available as soon the final medical-legal findings. Then can it be said with certainty whether the injuries, which were discovered at the woman, were also deaths in. The live-in partner of the woman is still in police custody. According to the information gathered in the investigation, he should have his partner in the dispute killed.

Update 23. January, 16.09 PM: As the police in the afternoon announced that it has taken the 27-year-old Syrian life companion. It is, therefore, strongly suspect the 22-Year-old. According to preliminary findings, the woman died of a stab wound. The deed should be preceded by a dispute in advance.

The Prosecutor’s office willow intends to the competent investigating judge to request a warrant. The victim was a mother of two children under the age of one-half or four years. These were in the house and were not injured in the incident, physically. The children were taken by the youth welfare office of the district office of Neustadt an der Waldnaab in custody.

crime scene work was grazing the criminal investigation Department of the forensic medical experts from Erlangen and the Bavarian state office of criminal investigation support.

first message: Young mother (22) found dead – arrest

come to old city to the Waldnaab – A 22-Year – old in the upper Palatinate – under force-killed. Criminal investigation and forensics investigation according to the established local newspaper, The new day. Also coroner of Nuremberg-Erlangen and the staff of the land criminal police office in Munich to support on-the-spot.

The police have been notified, according to the local newspaper early on Wednesday morning at 3 a.m., because in a multi-family house in Altenstadt an der Waldnaab (district Neustadt), a wounded woman was. This is the police indicated to several persons, according to The new day in the police report.

In the house, met the police officials, according to the news platform News5 on the first floor on a non-responsive woman. Measures for resuscitation by paramedics were unsuccessful. News5 reports that the woman got the Syrian citizenship.

“The circumstances indicate that the 22-year-old woman is forcibly came to death,” according to the police Bureau, according to The new day. The woman on the corresponding injury. “There are extensive interviews with” police spokesman Dieter Winterberg told the local newspaper. The Partner of the woman and other residents of the apartment building would currently questioned. The woman also has two small children at the age of 4 years and 6 months. You will be provided.


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